Dobby, my new cute little Chihuahua bloggy buddy commented on my post GIVVA DOGGA BONE.  Dobby just happened to say that his favorite treat was Bully Sticks. That comment reminded me of a funny and a little embarrassing moment I had awhile back at a local pet store.

I went with my daughter to take her dog Mama to the clinic at the pet store, as Mama had a slight eye infection. There was one gentleman and his dog directly in front of us that was visiting with the vet. I just happened to overhear the vet telling him  how good Bully Sticks are for dogs. She also stated that he could get them at this pet store.

What a great tip! I started to search out these Bully Sticks to see what they were all about. I finally found them and noticed that they came in all different sizes. I picked up the largest one I cound find and I inspected it to see what the cost of one of these things were.  My daughter came up behind me and nonchalantly whispered in in my ear and said, “Mom, do you know what those things are made of?” I said, “No, what are they made of?” Then she proceeded to tell me that they were made from a bull’s penis,  thus the name “Bully Stick”.

I turned around with Bully Stick in hand and said, “No… You are kidding me!”  She had a smile on her face because she thought my reaction to her comment was comical. Since I know exactly how to make my daughter laugh, I took the ball and I ran with it. I raised my eyebrows and proceeded to sniff that Bully Stick like you would a fine Cuban cigar. That did it! My daughter laughed out loud which drew attention to us. While she was laughing, she noticed that the cashier, who was not far from us, was laughing too!  We figured he overheard our conversation and he witnessed my antics with the Bully Stick.

My daughter was so embarrassed that she had get away from me. To make matters worse, a young man, who also overheard our conversation, came up from behind me, and said in a low voice, “Do you know what that is made of?”

I’m glad everyone had a good sense of humor, but I still couldn’t get out of there fast enough.


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13 Comments on “BULLY STICKS”

  1. Rusty Says:

    Oh Man! I didn’t know that! That is interesting. I’ll have to think about it some before I go get Rusty one. I’m sure he’d love it. Did you get it? If so did the little guys like it?

    Rusty’s Mom,

    I made the corrections to your little typos and deleted your previous comment about your typos. Now your comment is perfect!

    My dogs love Bully Sticks!


  2. elusivek Says:

    haha, that was interesting, but it must have been embarassing on spot.

    but then, re the bone business (your post below), it’s great that you can get bones for free! As the Chinese use bones to cook soup/broth, the butchers charge for bones as well. tough luck for dogs in this part of the world :\

    but that doesn’t stop my babies from getting their share of bone treats >:D

  3. thegirl Says:

    Ha! Ok but really, which is worse, Penis, Ears or hooves?????

  4. Erin Craig Says:

    I think Chloe will just have to make due without them! haha

  5. Gina Says:

    HAHAHAHA. Very funny story. I didn’t know that.

  6. Mercedes Says:

    Good one! I believe those are the treats Patch used to eat-great info to know-LOL!


  7. Lissa Says:

    HAHAHAHA!! I work at a store that sells pet supplies and I didn’t find that out until I was there for 6 months! Funny!

  8. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwww really??? GROSS! We’re glad mummy never gives us them, then! We liked your story though 🙂

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  9. […] Dog Chews – What are Bully Sticks? This post was inspired by a post over on 4urpets about Bully Sticks — it’s quite a funny story, check it […]

  10. First Bison bone and now Bully sticks, now we know why the Bovine population detests canines.

    I never thought of it like that. Good point.


  11. Bully Sticks Says:

    LOL – Great story Kathryn 🙂 I know what they are made of, but my Dogs just love them. They go nuts when the UPS truck shows up with a shipment of Bully Sticks.

  12. JACK & LULU Says:

    While that is a funny tale it’s just not TRUE!! Sorry but BULLY STICKS are made up of muscles,tendons and other various parts of Range Cattle ( the best source is from the Amazon)maybe some part if the bulls penis is involved but I have not heard this except as an URBAN LEGEND. THANKS FOR THE HUMOR!! SINCERELY JACK & LULU

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