Last Sunday I went to the pet store and I bought a fresh Bison bone to bring home  to the dogs.  After I purchased the bone, I realized that in one of my weak moments, I paid  $5.00 for a dang bone. A bone that no one other than a dog would want. And on top of that, it was a  Bison bone! I can buy a whole chicken for the dogs for that.

As I was coming home, a light bulb turned on…right above my head. Whatever happened to going to the market and asking the butcher for bones that they are going to throw away anyway? I used to bring home a whole bag of them years ago for my dogs, and they were FREE! Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Yup, I’m going to my local market and beg for bones (pun intended). 

When I got home, I whipped out the bone, and who do you think pawed her way through the crowd to get to it first?. If you guessed Sissy, you are right. As you know,  she has the reputation of licking the paint off her dog bowl and she burps louder than her mom.

 I have one picture of Sissy with “her” bone.  She was chewing on it when I left for work and she was chewing on it when I came home for work.  All the meat, fat and marrow have been picked cleaner than a whistle.



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13 Comments on “GIVVA DOGGA BONE”

  1. jamesviscosi Says:

    Wow! I bet she would like to crawl inside that bone … and she almost can!

  2. The Zoo Crew Says:

    Wow!! That bone is almost as big as you!

    Found you on DWB…nice to meet you 🙂

    Peace + Paws,

    The Zoo Crew

  3. Rusty Says:

    Well, she sure took care of business. That is such a cute picture!

  4. Erin Craig Says:

    Yum Yum Sissy! She sure is enjoying that! Great idea on getting scrapes from the butcher.

  5. Yummy! That sure looks good. Our favorite expensive treat is bully sticks… they sure are tasty 😉

    ❤ Dobby


    Aaaahhh bully sticks. Do I have a funny story about bully sticks. I think I’ll post about it. You’ll have to come back and read about it.


  6. That is a great idea about going to the butcher for a bone. My question is… will the fresh bone stain a carpet… I’m thinking yes. Great idea.. just give them a bone someplace without good carpet!

    I’m actually going to ask for a bone today. I like this idea. **That is funny… **laughing**)


    The butcher would give me a “ton” of bones and I used to put them in my freezer and that would keep them from spoiling until I was able to give them to my dog.


  7. goodbear Says:

    lucky dogs! to get bison bones! my friends get fresh bones from the butcher at our grocery. they charge for dog bones there now, though.

    I’ll bet they didn’t charge $5.00 for a small bone.


  8. Gina Says:

    Don’t worry, Sissy got $5.00 worth of enjoyment out of it. HAHA Anything for our furbabies. My brother’s neighbor works at a bar-b-que restaurant and she brings him bones and he keeps them in the freezer for his rottweiler baby.

  9. Erin Craig Says:

    I just bought a bone shaped cookie cutter to make your yummy looking treats. I thought you might like this one for the kidos!


    Hey that Chihuahua Cookie Cutter is really cute. But 3″ is very large for them. When you make your first batch for Chloe, you should take a picture of them and let us know how Chloe liked them.


  10. […] my new cute little Chihuahua bloggy buddy commented on my post GIVVA DOGGA BONE.  Dobby just happened to say that his favorite treat was Bully Sticks. That comment reminded me […]

  11. Mercedes Says:

    WOW! That bone is as big as you, Sissy! I can’t give these to Patch anymore. He ends up cutting his lips and hurting his nose as he “buries” it in the house-LOL!


  12. Drunkbunny Says:

    That pic gave me a good laugh for my day. 🙂

  13. Good grief, Sissy sure had a time with the bone alright.

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