When mom got ready for work this morning, she came down the hall, and my sniffer detected a wonderful aroma floating it’s way toward me. It put my sniffer way up in the air….sniff…sniff. I went up to her to get a better whiff of her. Sniff…sniff. It smells sooo good! 

Another whiff…My gourmet sniffer detected a slight undertone of propylene glycol, a little hint of butyl methoxydibenzoy, and a wonderful fruity bouquet. It smells sooo good, but not as good as liver, or chicken, but I liked it and I wanted some.  Yum yum.

Mom said she got this from the bloggy giveaway and the fragrance is pineapple. She says it makes her hungry for fruit salad. Hey, Erin, mom’s wearin’ your stuff. We like it.

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8 Comments on “GET A WHIFF A THAT…”

  1. Hey! Congratulations on winning the prize!

  2. thegirl Says:

    Propylene glycol, and butyl methoxydibenzoy are my two favorite ingredients!!! I am gonna have to check out that give away!

  3. Rusty Says:

    Propylene glycol, and butyl methoxydibenzoy ! They’re the best! Congratulations, it’s great everyone gets to enjoy it!

  4. Mercedes Says:

    ROFL! Good translation! I love fruity scents too!

  5. Erin Craig Says:

    That is funny! I am glad you like it! I have some of the pinapple myself and I always thought it smelled yummy. I am glad you like it!

  6. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    Yeah!! Sounds wonderful! Like you are on a tropical getaway in your own home! I’m back.. 2 new posts~! Thanks for checkin’ on me.. just been a week from you know where!

  7. Gina Says:

    Sounds like it smells good. Congrats on winning!!

  8. sansoucy Says:

    Cool! I will have to go check out that link! 🙂

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