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February 19, 2008

Here is a real quick and simple Meme that I got from Gina  awhile ago. I didn’t post it right away because I was memed out. Now things have settled down, so here is a simple meme (pronounced like cream). Feel free to use it for your blog if you want.

Sissy is going to answer these questions. For those of you who don’t know Sissy, she is one of my Chihuahuas.

I love to: Play tug of war with my soft toys.  My favorite thing is to get them from my mom and squeak the daylights out of them. I get so excited. My tail wags, I pull and tug and growl. Then Tinky and Jonesy gets all excited and all of us are barking and running around. It’s sooo much fun.

I hate to: Take baths. I hate the water, and I stink afterwards. I have to suffer through ear cleaning, nail clipping and tooth brushing.

I love to go: Riding in the car and stick my nose out the window. What wonderful smells I get. Snifffffff….

I hate to go: To the evil vets. I always get a shot or something that is not good. I don’t even like the doggy treats they give me. Yuck.

I love it when: Mommy tells me, “Let me see that tummy!”. Then I know it’s time to roll over for some tummy rubbin’ time. My Mommy always says that I have the cutest fattest little tummy in the world. Everybody says my tummy looks like a football.

I hate it when: My Mommy asks me stupid questions like, “Sissy, do you want to take a bath? Doesn’t she know that the answer is always, “No”.

I love to see: Rabbits in the yard. That way I know there are plentiful rabbit raisins out there to eat.

I hate to see: Squirrels that deliberately try to make drivers crash their cars by suddenly running across the street.

I love to hear: Are you hungry? You wanna cookie? Come get breakfast.

I hate to hear: The word, “No”, “Get off the couch”, and “Stop licking yourself”.



January 30, 2008


Super Squirrel and General Squirrel     

A lot has been happening in my back yard this last week. Super Squirrel and General Squirrel have set up headquarters and were secretly conspiring to march over to Rusty’s and take down his sign that says, “No Squirrels Allowed”.  My three Chihuahuas and I got into a huddle to try to figure out how to get these squirrels to give up and wave the white flag. Tinky my mean Chihuahua  says, “Let me at ’em. I will give them a shiner.”

Jonesy changed into his Ninja outfit and proceeded to go out in the back yard and face those squirrels…one on one. Eeeeeeyaaa….Bam…a chop in their knees.  Eeeeeya….Bam…a chop to their necks. Whock whock whock. And then….thud….thud.

Ninja Jonesy 
Those pesky squirrels have been defeated by Ninja Jonesy. They ran out of the yard never to return. And once again…Jonesy has saved the day!