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November 14, 2008

tinkys-graduation-1I am not the best mannered little Chi in my house. There is a lot of things that I did that drove my mom crazy. I think they are a lot of fun. What’s wrong with jumping up and down and getting all excited when it’s breakfast time. I get so excited when I see the leash that my mom can’t get the leash on me. Darting out of the door is fun too.

But alas….my mom had enough and she took me to PetSmart to learn a few manners. Last week was graduation. They had a little graduation cap and I had my picture taken with Rachelle, my trainer. I also got a Certificate! Woo hoo.

At first it was really hard because I did not want to be there. I just wanted to be in my mom’s lap all the time. I didn’t like the other dogs, and I did not like the treats. So there!

Anyway, I came around and I learned a lot of neat things. Now I have manners. I now say, “Please” and “Thank you.” heh heh My IQ has also zoomed up to 9,423.