Posted tagged ‘I Love Your Blog Award’


November 12, 2008


Hey everybody, look what Pedro gave me at Vote For Pedro! It is one of the cutest Awards I have seen in awhile. I am glad he loves my blog, that makes me feel pretty darn special.

There are a few Blogs that I love too, so I am going to pass this Award on to some that I love. Here goes…

1. I love Dennis The Vizsla Dog’s blog at Dennis’ Diary of Destruction. I can’t wait to see what misadventures that he has gotten himself into. He is a very smart dog with his own style of writing and a special way of spelling everything. ok bye

3. I also love Tony’s Y-not?? Blog and it is also a fun read. Tony is from Tasmania, Australia with that quirky Aussie humor.  He prides himself on being G Rated so feel free to run over there anytime and say, “Hi”.

4. Chasing Squirrels With Rusty is a great blog also. Rusty just ran for Vice President with Tuffy as President. He just got a new little Yorkie brother Riley, who is as cute as they come. I just love that blog.

5. And last but not least….I just LOVE Gina at Gina’s Public Diary. I love her blog because she makes me feel good. She is always positive and upbeat and brings a little slice of life in Memphis Tennessee. Gina, I love you.