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June 11, 2008

WordPress did it again! Every once in awhile I get a referrer from wordpress. This time is was from the “possible related posts”. I saw this on my stats as a referrer…. Demonica’s Two Sissy House . I went to that site to see why I got a referral. I know…it’s because of Sissy, my Chihuahua! I looked at […]


June 9, 2008

I buy Four Paws Liquid Tarter Remover for my dogs. It has an enzyme in it that reduces the PH level in the dog’s saliva that helps control tartar. It also makes their breath smell kissing sweet, and keeps me from gagging every time the dogs kiss me. I really bought that stuff for Jonesy because he is the “licker” in […]


June 8, 2008

I was browsing through my pictures and I came across a few pictures of Tinky that were sent to me when she was still with her mommy. I had my choice of 5 puppies, but the moment I saw Tinky I fell in Love. Here are a few pictures when she was about 4 1/2 […]


June 3, 2008

I wrote a post called  “Who Killed Jack Sparrow”. I didn’t know how to post a video at that time so I just inserted a picture. I have just recently learned how to wangle my Kodak program into letting me download videos, so here is the video. Do you ever wonder what your animals do when you are […]


May 24, 2008

Okay, I know I am waaaay behind on my blogging, and there is no excuse. I received two great awards a little while back and I am just now getting around to posting them. It’s not that I am not appreciative, it’s just that I am just downright lazy. This first award was given to […]


May 22, 2008

SISSY GIVES THE FURMINATOR 4 PAWS UP!! I have the neatest pet store that I go to. Every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon they have a shot clinic. I always take my dogs because it saves on the vet bill. You can also purchase your dog license there. Other services include free nail clipping, and deshedding your dog or […]


May 8, 2008

 Hi everybody…Tinky here…..Sissy just told me that she just found out it was going to be Mothers Day this Sunday and her and Jonesy and me should do something nice for mom. We all got together and brain stormed. You see, three little brains make one big brain!  After a lot of discussion, this is what we thought […]


May 5, 2008

The Fourth Annual “Petco Unleashed Chihuahua Races” were held at The Shops at Tanforan Parking lot last Saturday in San Bruno California. The Winner was Chloe, a 3 yeard old Chihuahua Pug mix(“Pughuahua”). Chloe was one of 240 dogs who competed Saturday.  It took her just 1.6 seconds to sprint down the 35 foot track […]


May 1, 2008

GOPHER MAN AT WORK I’m at work and the Gopher Man was going to swing by my place this morning to take care of a little business with a certain gopher that has been making himself home by burrowing tunnels all through my back yard. Just this morning I found another little mound in my […]


April 30, 2008

I am sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile. I have been busy tracking Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy. They took off with Dennis in some underground contraption to find a gopher kingdom. I found out that they caught a gopher and found their way back up to the surface of the earth. I think their crew wants […]