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June 27, 2008

The 20th Annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest was held last Friday at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.  Unfortunately the World’s Ugliest Dog contest was not aired on TV, so most of America missed it. Luckily, it will air on Animal Planet in October.

Seven year old Gus, a pedigree Chinese crested won hands down. Gus is toothless, three legged (one amputated because of a skin tumor) , missing one eye (lost to a tomcat in a cat fight) , and has no hair except for a little white tuft on the top of his head. Gus is so hairless that his official color is pink and black. His tail looks like it belongs on a rat.

Since Gus was diagnosed with skin cancer, he couldn’t attend last years competition because the chemotherapy had worn down his immune system. He had a relapse in January, and is currently facing radiation treatments. But that didn’t stop Gus, who came all the way from St. Petersburg Florida to compete this year.

Despite all of Gus’s hardships, he is well loved by his owners, mother and daughter Jeanenne and Janey Teed. Gus was adopted by Jeannene and her 16 year old daughter Janey through word of mouth when they discovered  he was being neglected and kept in a crate in a garage of someones home. They are going to make good use of Gus’s $1,600.00 winnings by putting it towards his radiation treatments.

I am thinking of Gus and he will be in my prayers. He is a tough little guy and I have all the confidence that he will get well soon.

Don’t you just love Gus? I know I do! 



June 26, 2008

Pedro at Vote For Pedro has some pretty scary teeth. But they don’t compare to Jonesy who has scary teeth AND  even SCARIER eyes! He is even scaring Tinky! And he was only yawning!

I know you thought Jonesy was a sweet little namby pamby wimpy boy, but you haven’t seen his darker side…just look at that mean assed dog. Why he can attack your ankles and lick them until you cry, “Uncle”. Yeah, “Don’t Mess With The Zohan.”

 Hey all you doggies out there…do you have scary teeth? Are they scarier than Jonesy’s? I want to see them. What do you say?


June 25, 2008

 As you all know, I posted a picture of these three dogs and asked my bloggy friends if they would like to put their own caption to the pictuure. I had a lot of responses which were all very funny.  In order to keep everything on the up and up, I had my co-workers decide who they thought had the best caption.

The ballots are in, and once again, they  were transferred over to the CPA (Chihuahua Public Accounting) firm of Jones, Siss and Tink for their tabulation of the results. The results are a secret until they are handed over to me and I read them live on my blog. 

I now have in my hand, three envelopes that were just handed to me. The winners will be honered with the MERITORIOUS SERVICE TO THE CASE OF BLOGDOM AWARD! Yes, this award means nothing. But, if it means something to you, you can take this picture and the honor and post it on your sidebar, or you may not….

And the winners are…….

 Rusty at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty


 Rusty’s Caption: “You Might Be A Redneck If You Take Pictures of Your Dogs Wearing Bubba Teeth!”

Dennis at Dennis’ Diary of Destruction 

    Dennis’s Caption: “Hi, I’m Larry, This Is My Brother Darryl, And This Is My Other Brother Darryl!”                                           

                                        Patrick & Jack at The Puppy Dog Blog 

 Patrick & Jack’s Caption: “The Three Amigos…Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest.”

I really appreciate everyone’s participation. This is what makes blogging so much fun. I  would like to send Rusty, Dennis, and Patrick & Jack a SURPRISE for their winning the caption contest. If you are interested, please email me your address and I will ship it off to you right away! Thanks everyone for participating! 




June 24, 2008

Last week we had a horrific heat wave. It’s been averaging 107 degrees. Since  I work and it has been so hot, I can’t help think about Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky all by themselves at home. Of course they have plenty of water, but you still can’t help worry about them. 

I heard that dogs keep cool by panting, and by wetting their chests. Aha!…I got a bainstorm and decided to get a little pool for the dogs to swim in so they can keep cool (I know….I’m watching entirely too much Dog Whisperer). After work, I went to Wal Mart and bought a little two ring plastic kiddy pool. I blew it up and filled it with nice cool water.

Since there is no life guard on duty, I sat with them and gave them a few pointers on swimming. I also made them watch this doggy swimming video a few times until I thought it sunk in. 

Once I felt they were water safe, I put them in the pool. Ooooh what a wonderful time they had splashing and paddling around the pool. They were sooo happy, and loved the water. I think I may have to get Jonesy some water wings!  I just know Tinky wants to go on the high diving board. Sissy was so thrilled and was splashing all over the pool (yeah…right).

Seriously though….I will put the dogs in the pool every night after work. Once they are out of the pool I will give all of them some treats. I figure in a few weeks, they might get this idea….


          HOT DOGS              + WATER                        = TREATS


June 20, 2008




I just thought I would give a little inspiration to all my doggy bloggy friends……Have a nice weekend!


June 19, 2008



Okay, it’s time to get silly again. I love to get silly pictures from Flickr or Google Images and try figure out captions for them. Can you think of another caption for this picture?

If you leave a comment with a caption, a winner will be decided and once again the  “Meritorious Service To The Case of Blogdom” honor will be bestowed upon the winner. Just to let you know that receiving this honor means nothing. It’s  like underwear to Sharon Stone.

The captions will be tallied by my co-workers and tabulated by the CPA (Chihuahua Public Accounting) Firm of Jones, Siss & Tink, Inc. Come on now…..put your thinking caps on. Let’s see if we can out-caption Dennis, or Tony at TazBlog I know you can do it! 


June 17, 2008

Hello everyone! My name is Harry and this is my little buddy Cheech the Chihuahua. For no reason,  Sharon at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty stuffed us in this little box and shipped us off to California. We were in that box for what seems like an eternity.  It was very dark in there and it was not fun being bounced around from Texas to California. Besides Cheech was a little gassy and he kept farking (farting and barking),  and that was not very pleasant for me.  I wish Chihuahuas would stop eating beans.  When we got to California, this nice lady opened up our box and let out a squeal. She was really happy to see us. Now we can finally breathe and see daylight. It is so bright out. Can you see my squinty eyes?

Hey Cheech, California looks pretty good. Aaahhgh, I can hardly move my legs. Gotta stretch ’em so we can get outta this box.  Move over, your are hogging all the box. Hey my back legs and my butt are numb. Kick them for me will you, Cheech?

Oh no! What is that barking noise? It looks like a Chihuahua that is excited to see me. But he doesn’t look too friendly. He looks like an attack Chihuahua to me. And is he loud! I think I’ll growl back at him and show him what’s up!

 HA…. I scared him with my mean growl and that wimpy Chihuahua ran off with his ears down and his tail between his legs. I can see him shiverin’ . Guess I showed him a thing or two. Get outta Dodge! heh heh 

Uh oh! Who’s this? I guess I didn’t scare this one. What the hey! What are you doing with your teeth in my fluff? Hey that’s my butt you have in your mouth! Take it easy! Oops it bit on my spot that makes me growl. That should scare it. Nope..that didn’t work. HELP!!!

 Whew Cheech, I don’t know about this California. They have a lot of left wing Chihuahuas here. Look at me, I’m a mess. I have dirt all over me, my butt is aching, my nose is bent, and I think I have a shiner.  Cheech, where were you when I needed you? What…you Chihuahuas stick together? Hey, I could sure use a stale corn chip and a glass of water right about now!

Hey Harry, my name is squirrel. I too was shoved in a box and sent to California, and that little fat one did the same thing to me. Now look at me, I am natty and nasty, my underarms smell, I’m blind in one eye, and I have a constant headache. I can say one thing though, we still have our stuffing. They tug me out of the toy box and bring me onto the lawn, shake the crap outta me and leave me for days in the cold of the night and the heat of the sun. If it wasn’t for their gardener, I would be there still. Life in California sucks. Let me show you a nice place that we can hide until the coast is clear.

 Further adventures of Cheech will be coming soon to The Empty Nest . Keep an eye out and visit soon.