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June 25, 2008

Last May I posted about Chloe who won the fastest Chihuahua at the Petco unleashed competition. I just received an email from Chloe’s mom Trina, with an update on Chloe’. They had a television debut on ABC 7/KGO and Trina wrote,

“Hello Everyone!

Here’s the clip of our television deput — har har!

The Annual Chihuahua Race is Back: 6/20

We had a great time at the ABC 7/KGO . Chloe finished 2nd, I think?

 ***You will notice from the video that Chloe’ didn’t “sprint” like her usual. She instead hopped, pranced and chased after Manny (View from The Bay Winner) —Haha! I loved how Mel and I gained 10 lbs instantly—Goodness! Haha!***

Everyone was nice and he little Chi’s enjoyed playing.

This was such a  wonderful experience.

And we bet that the PETCO National Race in San Diego will be crazy fun.

We are very excited! We will keep you all posted.

And now, back to our training…


Thank you for all the support & well-wishes!  Take Care and God Bless,


Mel, Trina and Chloe’ SOLEDAD”

Hey Trina,

I think I know why Chloe’ came in second….did you see how slick that floor was? Give Chloe’ some good old fashioned turf and she’ll show them what’s up!




April 4, 2008

When you have two blogs, it’s a little difficult to think of things to write everyday. So to lighten things up and to give me a little break, since I have writer’s block, I am posting a video that I think is so cute. As you know I am parial to Chihuahuas. They seem to have a little soul all their own. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


April 2, 2008
Oh, Noooo! Reinforcements Are Coming!
Behr Behr  just informed me, Jonesy that she thinks I need help with the gopher easy-button.jpgthat is residing in my back yard. She has connections and is sending in reinforcements to help me get rid of that dang gopher. That’s what happens when you bury the Easy Button and forget where you hide it.
It is further revealed that the gopher in question goes by the name of Jabba da Gopher and is the head honcho and the brains behind all this burrowing and hole making. He is a busy little beaver gopher, but that will soon end.

I should have thought of it before, but it took Behr Behr to help me out. She is sending in The Knight of  Chihuahua. Gee… I hope he brings in some minors hats with lights on them so we can see in those tunnels.

So, with me….”DOG the Gopher Hunter”, and The Knight of Chihuahua, we will get that destructive gopher. Then I will get my reward from my mom and extra tummy rubs for a week. Maybe I will share my stuffed Kong with “Knighty”.
Go on over and visit Behr Behr if you want to get a peek of Jabba da Gopher and The Knight of Chihuahua.


March 25, 2008

The  Hairless Chinese Crested is a very unusual looking dog. chinese-crested.jpgThey have a mouth structure where their teeth point forward and they have problems with soft and loose teeth that easily fall out. It’s not unusual for them to be toothless by the age of four. Since they have no fur on their body they sunburn easily. You have to put a moisturizer on them. Would you believe that they get acne?  Although they are unusual looking, I wouldn’t say that they are an ugly breed of dog.

Every year at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma California dogs compete for the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition. Most of these dogs are hairless Chinese Crested, or mixed Chinese Crested dogs.  This is a picture of Archie who won the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition in 2006. He was abandoned and scheduled for euthanasia. His owner found out about him and adopted him without even seeing him. The shelter paid for 1/2 of his fees. Archie had four teeth.


Then there’s Elwood who won the competition last year. He is a Chinese Crested mix. He was adopted after it was found out that his breeder was going to put him down because he was too ugly to sell. He was not ugly to his owner, who thinks he is beautiful inside. It is not unusual to see a Hairless Chinese Crested dog with their tongues sticking out. This is because of their lack of teeth. Looks like Elwood has no teeth.


Then there’s Tinky, my sweet little 2 year old Chihuahua. I should have entered her last year, but didn’t. I know she would have won first place. Sometimes she’s a mean little dog and she really looks ugly when she snarls. She is so mean, she gave her “brother” Jonesy a “shiner”.


Here is a YouTube Video of some of the ugliest dogs. Disclaimer…this video is rated U for Ugly. 


February 12, 2008

Hey everyone it’s me, Tinky. I went on a treasure hunt today. After mom went to work, I looked around…Sissy and Jonesy were napping on the couch, and I was bored. I decided to explore a harm. I was minding my own business, checking things out, sniffing under the pillows, behind the curtains and under the couch. And what did I spy? “Oh, hello!”….a corn chip! Yessiree, a whole great big, not even broken a teeny little bit corn chip, just waiting for little ole me! I pawed it from under the couch so I could smell the delicious aroma and admire this stunning, slightly dusty, slightly linty corn chip. I put it right in the corner of the chair. Yup, I can see my corn chip. My mouth is watering now.

Before I could take a bite of my crunchy morsel, mom came home and took me for a walk. Gee, I hope Sissy and Jonesy don’t find it. When we got back, it was still there. My mom saw my booty and said, “Ew..what the hey?” She couldn’t see that it was the most perfect corn chip and it was all mine! The second I got back from my walk, I snarfed it up. It was Deee Lish Us!

Woohoo. Do I get a high five?


January 30, 2008


Super Squirrel and General Squirrel     

A lot has been happening in my back yard this last week. Super Squirrel and General Squirrel have set up headquarters and were secretly conspiring to march over to Rusty’s and take down his sign that says, “No Squirrels Allowed”.  My three Chihuahuas and I got into a huddle to try to figure out how to get these squirrels to give up and wave the white flag. Tinky my mean Chihuahua  says, “Let me at ’em. I will give them a shiner.”

Jonesy changed into his Ninja outfit and proceeded to go out in the back yard and face those squirrels…one on one. Eeeeeeyaaa….Bam…a chop in their knees.  Eeeeeya….Bam…a chop to their necks. Whock whock whock. And then….thud….thud.

Ninja Jonesy 
Those pesky squirrels have been defeated by Ninja Jonesy. They ran out of the yard never to return. And once again…Jonesy has saved the day!


January 29, 2008


From left to right: Tinky and Jonesy

On weekends if the weather is nice, I open the sliding door to let the dogs out. They are really excited and bark at anything that moves, anything they think is moving, they chase each other around, play in the plants and bask in the sun. Usually within 10 or 15 minutes they take a break and they are either laying among the plants or sprawled on the lawn taking in the nice California rays. All except Jonesy!

After the barking has become boring, and everyone has peed on everything, Jonesy comes up to the door and stands guard. I think he wants to make sure that I don’t close the door on him. He will stay by that door until I call them in.  I don’t know why he won’t just come back in. No one is forcing him to go outside, it is strictly optional. Tinky is with him, but this is a rare occasion.