Last May I posted about Chloe who won the fastest Chihuahua at the Petco unleashed competition. I just received an email from Chloe’s mom Trina, with an update on Chloe’. They had a television debut on ABC 7/KGO and Trina wrote,

“Hello Everyone!

Here’s the clip of our television deput — har har!

The Annual Chihuahua Race is Back: 6/20

We had a great time at the ABC 7/KGO . Chloe finished 2nd, I think?

 ***You will notice from the video that Chloe’ didn’t “sprint” like her usual. She instead hopped, pranced and chased after Manny (View from The Bay Winner) —Haha! I loved how Mel and I gained 10 lbs instantly—Goodness! Haha!***

Everyone was nice and he little Chi’s enjoyed playing.

This was such a  wonderful experience.

And we bet that the PETCO National Race in San Diego will be crazy fun.

We are very excited! We will keep you all posted.

And now, back to our training…


Thank you for all the support & well-wishes!  Take Care and God Bless,


Mel, Trina and Chloe’ SOLEDAD”

Hey Trina,

I think I know why Chloe’ came in second….did you see how slick that floor was? Give Chloe’ some good old fashioned turf and she’ll show them what’s up!


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  1. Mercedes Says:

    Way to go Chloe! I am trying to locate the video-I’m not having any luck with videos lately-lol!

  2. jamesviscosi Says:

    You know how it is when the cameras are rolling … nobody can focus!

  3. Gina Says:

    Sweet chihuahua baby!

  4. Sarah Says:

    That is fun – maybe we will head down to San Diego and cheer for Chloe!


    The Chihuahua races are going to be at PETCO Park. That’s a baseball stadium where the San Diego Padres Play (and what a beautiful new stadium it is). The Chihuahua Races will be held at 1/2 time, so if you are not too crazy about baseball, you probably won’t have a very good time.


  5. Trina (Chloe's Mommy) Says:

    Awww…nice & sweet. I believe the floors were darn slippery for the “fast” dogs especially….oh well. It’s NOT an official race, so it’s okay 🙂 Besides, we all had fun during the show. What a delightful experience!

    We cannot wait for Chloe’ to WIN the nationals. We know in our hearts that Chloe’ will kick tails in San Diego!!!!Wuhooooo! Thank you all for your support and well-wishes. We really appreciate it! *hugs* Send our love to your chi’s too! *lick lick* from Chloe’ 🙂 Tee-Hee. We’ll keep you all posted.

    Trina, Mel and Chloe’

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