Last week we had a horrific heat wave. It’s been averaging 107 degrees. Since  I work and it has been so hot, I can’t help think about Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky all by themselves at home. Of course they have plenty of water, but you still can’t help worry about them. 

I heard that dogs keep cool by panting, and by wetting their chests. Aha!…I got a bainstorm and decided to get a little pool for the dogs to swim in so they can keep cool (I know….I’m watching entirely too much Dog Whisperer). After work, I went to Wal Mart and bought a little two ring plastic kiddy pool. I blew it up and filled it with nice cool water.

Since there is no life guard on duty, I sat with them and gave them a few pointers on swimming. I also made them watch this doggy swimming video a few times until I thought it sunk in. 

Once I felt they were water safe, I put them in the pool. Ooooh what a wonderful time they had splashing and paddling around the pool. They were sooo happy, and loved the water. I think I may have to get Jonesy some water wings!  I just know Tinky wants to go on the high diving board. Sissy was so thrilled and was splashing all over the pool (yeah…right).

Seriously though….I will put the dogs in the pool every night after work. Once they are out of the pool I will give all of them some treats. I figure in a few weeks, they might get this idea….


          HOT DOGS              + WATER                        = TREATS

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12 Comments on “THREE HOT DOGS”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    I love it! That dog kept swimming even in the air-lol! Your doggies must think it is bath time or something-they are frozen-lol! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gringo Says:

    I’ve never been swimming but that water sure looks inviting!

  3. Rusty Says:

    That is too funny. They are all three compleatly underwhelmed. They kept looking at you, “Why, mom? why?” Maybe they were playing Statues. Such cuties!

  4. jamesviscosi Says:

    “Mom, this water bowl is kinda … big.”

  5. twobarkingdogs Says:

    Boy are you in trouble with your pups!

    Must play them Cosmo’s swimming adventure for them .. maybe they’ll get the idea that playing in water can be fun!

  6. Gina Says:

    Oh Kathryn…this was hilarious! I love how Tinky held up her little foot and then tried to jump out. I don’t know how you got them to stay that long. Tuffy and Mandy would’ve been long gone. We used to have a large above ground pool and Chloe the poodle hated it but Mandy LOVED it. Go figure.

  7. Sarah Says:

    Haha – that’s how the boys look when I stick them in water too. We don’t have a yard because we live in an apartment, so I just set them on the top step of the pool.

  8. Pedro Says:

    Aaaaa, I’d say they’re just like me and they hate it! My mom makes me swim in our pool sometimes and it’s just not something I enjoy. I think it’s a chihuahua thing…



    That’s because we don’t have any Lab in us. heh heh


  9. Oh… what a perfect post! Perfect!

    107 degrees. I hear it is bad. A girlfriend of mine lives out there near some wildfires. She was on the phone today with me telling me how bad it all was.

    Poor hot dogs. I hope they stay cool.

    Last night.. I honestly turned on my electric blanket. What a difference between coasts!

  10. behr Says:

    It’s obvious that they were embarrassed. Having to take a bath not only together, but in the open where neighbors could see them and all. They clearly were not impressed with your idea of a fun day.

    I did have to laugh at how “frozen” they all looked, tho!!!! How funny!!!

    Behr Behr 🙂

  11. Hehe!! Dobby would have done the same thing 🙂

  12. Poor hot doggies. They are so cute though. 🙂

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