Hello everyone! My name is Harry and this is my little buddy Cheech the Chihuahua. For no reason,  Sharon at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty stuffed us in this little box and shipped us off to California. We were in that box for what seems like an eternity.  It was very dark in there and it was not fun being bounced around from Texas to California. Besides Cheech was a little gassy and he kept farking (farting and barking),  and that was not very pleasant for me.  I wish Chihuahuas would stop eating beans.  When we got to California, this nice lady opened up our box and let out a squeal. She was really happy to see us. Now we can finally breathe and see daylight. It is so bright out. Can you see my squinty eyes?

Hey Cheech, California looks pretty good. Aaahhgh, I can hardly move my legs. Gotta stretch ’em so we can get outta this box.  Move over, your are hogging all the box. Hey my back legs and my butt are numb. Kick them for me will you, Cheech?

Oh no! What is that barking noise? It looks like a Chihuahua that is excited to see me. But he doesn’t look too friendly. He looks like an attack Chihuahua to me. And is he loud! I think I’ll growl back at him and show him what’s up!

 HA…. I scared him with my mean growl and that wimpy Chihuahua ran off with his ears down and his tail between his legs. I can see him shiverin’ . Guess I showed him a thing or two. Get outta Dodge! heh heh 

Uh oh! Who’s this? I guess I didn’t scare this one. What the hey! What are you doing with your teeth in my fluff? Hey that’s my butt you have in your mouth! Take it easy! Oops it bit on my spot that makes me growl. That should scare it. Nope..that didn’t work. HELP!!!

 Whew Cheech, I don’t know about this California. They have a lot of left wing Chihuahuas here. Look at me, I’m a mess. I have dirt all over me, my butt is aching, my nose is bent, and I think I have a shiner.  Cheech, where were you when I needed you? What…you Chihuahuas stick together? Hey, I could sure use a stale corn chip and a glass of water right about now!

Hey Harry, my name is squirrel. I too was shoved in a box and sent to California, and that little fat one did the same thing to me. Now look at me, I am natty and nasty, my underarms smell, I’m blind in one eye, and I have a constant headache. I can say one thing though, we still have our stuffing. They tug me out of the toy box and bring me onto the lawn, shake the crap outta me and leave me for days in the cold of the night and the heat of the sun. If it wasn’t for their gardener, I would be there still. Life in California sucks. Let me show you a nice place that we can hide until the coast is clear.

 Further adventures of Cheech will be coming soon to The Empty Nest . Keep an eye out and visit soon. 

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12 Comments on “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A STUFFY”

  1. Gina Says:

    Awww You got a Cheech too. Isn’t he adorable? Sharon is so nice. I’ll be looking forward to your little adventures. That was a good one.

  2. Clasidog Says:

    Chihuahuas were once just Taco Bell dogs to me. I have always preferred the big macho type breeds ..I now have a little teacup ( I took on because she was being passed around) At 5 months she is the complete Alpha over my blue nose pit!!!
    I just had to drop you a comment because I enjoyed your story….:)

    There is something about a Chihuahuas personality that just draws you to them. They are wonderful little dogs, and all three can fit on my lap!


  3. Sharon is amazingly AWESOME isn’t she!! Gracie at first ran from her mean toy too. She is going to tear the thing apart any day now. lol

  4. Tony Says:

    Ha!!! That cheered me up especially the “Farking”
    Those chaih chah chew dammit little mexican dogs really messed him up good 🙂


    It’s spelled Chee wa wa!


  5. Mercedes Says:

    I liked that stuffy the best~then I realized what it was-lol. I have spots on the brain. I love your storytelling! The doggies look bigger in these pics!

  6. jamesviscosi Says:

    hello its dennis the vizsla dog egad now even the toys are con .. conspir … conspiring aginst us dogs will it never end hey cheech dont trust that skwirrel toy rodents are shifty even stuffd wuns ok bye


    You are right! Thank you for warning him.


  7. cara Says:

    What a cute stuffy.. Sophie has a brown bear that she is very attached to. She shows it to all of us, but we’d better not touch it, its her baby~!! Looks like he will have a great life in Sunny California!!!

  8. Rusty Says:

    Hi! I really like the story about them and their trip! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  9. HIL-arious! I loved the comment about the “little fat one” teehee!!!

  10. Pedro Says:


    I’m sure your life is easy in California. If you came to my house in New York my big brother Ziggy would pull the stuffing right out of you! Count your blessings.


  11. Pedro Says:

    Or maybe I should have said Harry. Lookin back Cheech doesn’t look like he has stuffing!!!


    No Pedro, Cheech doesn’t have stuffing. He is as hard as a rock. heh heh

    So, Harry it is!


  12. Mercedes Says:

    Still catching up on awards~I have something for you if you would like it:

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