I woke up early Saturday morning and it was a wonderful day to do some gardening. I dug up an area that I wanted to put compost in and I found a peanut that was buried by some sinister squirrel. Remembering what happened to Jonesy when he dug up a peanut, I decided not to disturb it. I don’t want a crazy squirrel after me! 

After I finished, I was resting on the patio and admiring my new plantings and I saw a large black cat on the slope. It was stalking a squirrel that was on a tree trunk. The cat scampered up the tree, and the squirrel flew up even higher on the tree. I tried to get a shot of the cat running after the squirrel, but I didn’t get to my camera fast enough. Here is a picture of the cat retreating.  

 That squirrel was sooo upset at that darn cat. He sat on a branch and chitted for about 15 minutes. Chit chit chit….chit chit chit.  Was that squirrel pissed angry!

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  1. Movie Goers Says:

    hei-hei-hei squirrel is a sensitive animal I think. Just beware of the cat

  2. Mercedes Says:

    Way to go kitty!

  3. jamesviscosi Says:

    One time when we were back in New York I was in my hammock under the pines in front and I kept hearing a squirrel chattering, but I couldn’t see where it was. Finally I spotted it on a branch right above my head, staring down at me and making that “Rrrrrr … Rrrrrr” noise that they make. It was one of those little red squirrels, which are SOOOOO cute, but are also little psychopaths. I finally decided to go in the house before the thing jumped out of the tree and started attacking me …

  4. Pedro Says:

    Hahahaha that is one pissed off squirrel!

  5. Gina Says:

    Cute. I hear squirrels ‘chitting’ in the backyard all the time because cats love going back there for some reason.

  6. Rusty Says:

    Boy, he was hacked! I love to listen to them give Rusty what for and watch him prance around the bottom of the tree!

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