Well, I should be flogged. I have another Award that was given to me on June 2nd (hey that’s not that bad) and I haven’t posted it until now. Mercedes at Mercedes World gave me this wonderful Award, and it’s really girly. I shall proudly display it on “MY AWARDS”  page.

Thanks Mercedes for this Award. I really do don’t deserve this Award, but I will treasure it always. Let’s see, who should I give this Award to? Mercedes already gave it to a lot of my doggy bloggy friends, so I will give this award to: Taaa Daaa

Drunkbunny at Bunnytude. Drunkbunny just happens to be Sparky’s Aunt at Sparky Chronicles. I will try to explain this the best way I know how. Sparky was given to Drunkbunny’s mother and father by Drunkbunny’s sister who writes the Sparky Chronicles Blog. Do I have that right Drunkbunny? Anyway, you should go over to her blog because she cracks me up.

Dobby at Chihuahua Post. Not that I am partial or anything, but Dobby is the cutest little deer type Chihuahua you have ever seen. He looks just like Jonesy, only he is black in color. His mommy dresses him up in the cutest outfits. You have to go and say, “Hi” to Dobby, especiially Tuffy and Mandy.

Pedro at Vote For Pedro! If you haven’t guessed by now, Pedro is another Chihuahua. And of course, he is as cute as any Chihuahua can be. You should stop by and say, “HI” and read all about his antics. Like Tuffy, Pedro is running for President. I wonder how he is doing?

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4 Comments on “MY DAY IS MADE!”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations to you! Yes~you DO deserve this award! Thanks for making my day!

  2. Drunkbunny Says:

    Thanks for the award. 🙂 You have it almost right. Sparky was given to my parents by me. I write the Sparky Chronicles, but I keep it separate from Bunnytude because I don’t want my parents reading my blog. 🙂 So people at Bunnytude know about Sparky Chronicles, but people at Sparky Chronicles don’t necessarily know about Bunnytude unless I went to those people’s blogs and left a comment with a Bunnytude link. I’m so sneaky! (I wish I had a sister but I don’t.)


    Uh oh…the cat is out of the to speak. Now it makes sense. Sometimes Sparky Chronicles writes about her dog Moose, and you write about Moose. I sure missed something.

    A lot of people think Joy at Joy of Desserts is my daughter, but she is really my friend. Heh heh.


  3. Thanks, Kathryn!! Dobby will love his little girly bloggie award 😉

  4. Pedro Says:

    Thanks so much for the award! My mom said she will post it on my blog for me this weekend. Have a great weekend!!

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