I wrote a post called  “Who Killed Jack Sparrow”. I didn’t know how to post a video at that time so I just inserted a picture. I have just recently learned how to wangle my Kodak program into letting me download videos, so here is the video.

Do you ever wonder what your animals do when you are away? I left the house for exactly two hours one Saturday afternoon. Since it was a beautiful day, I left the back door open a little so Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky could go outside and get a little sunshine. When I returned, this is what awaited me. Please don’t look at the ugly carpeting. This was before I got my hardwood floors.

If you listen inbetween my ranting, you can hear the pidder padder of 12 little paws on the carpet. Those were three HAPPY little Chihuahuas with their “catch”. If the truth were known, they probably found the bird laying face up, eyes glazed and tongue hanging out, and decided to bring it in the house.

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  1. Tony Says:

    Poor little thing, surely those sweet little dogs couldn’t have done that, there musta been a neighbourhood cat lurking somewhere that framed them….


    I never thought of that. I’ll bet that’s what happened! Maybe I will give them a reprive.


  2. Mercedes Says:

    LOL! Bless you and your carpet at the time! Jonesy or Tinky (not sure which one) is looking guilty-hehe!

  3. Erin Craig Says:

    I was walking my 2 the other day and they tried so hard to get a bird. The poor little thing wouldn’t fly away so they were able to walk (pull me) down the street behind it. When it went up the drive they thought it was sure to be theirs. The bad part is mine would have left smaller pieces of the bird verses a only slightly defeathered one.


    Yes, at least the bird was buried in one piece.


  4. jamesviscosi Says:

    It’s like “Murder on the Orient Express” … everybody did it!

  5. Gina Says:

    Our poodle used to bring in dead birds occasionally but the chihuahuas haven’t yet. I’m waiting though. So fun to see the precious babies in action!!

  6. Rusty Says:

    The mighty hunters provided you with fresh game. It looked a little gamey.
    I bet it is like Tony said. the neighborhood cats framed your sweet little guys. that video of them is so cute!

  7. jeanett666 Says:

    looks like they had a little bit to much fun…and they loved the camera 😛

    (btw. I am Norwegian :D)

  8. elizabethews Says:

    that is great. I’m afraid if my pups killed something they’d eat it. well, I know they would. Alex has a track record of doing so with gophers. It’s lovely, really…

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