Hey everyone, Tinky here. I want to tell you that mom went to the Simi Valley Cajun Festival on Sunday, Memorial Day weekend. She goes every year just to see Lisa Haley play. My mom says that she is Lisa Haley’s #1 Fan, but Lisa doesn’t know it. Mom has seen her at Disneyland New Years Eve two years in a row, in Ventura at Olivos Adobe, and every year at the Cajun Festival. And…she has four out of six of her CD’s. Every time mom goes to see Lisa, she always tells her daughter, “Lisa knows we are here.” Isn’t that silly of her to say that?

When Mom goes to the Cajun Festival, she wears her Mardi Gras Beads. Lots of people wear beads, funny hats, and parasols. They have Cajun food like alligator on a stick and crawfish. Yuck! Now, squirrel, or gopher on a stick might taste pretty good.

Mom knows exactly when Lisa Haley is playing and goes there just to see her. Then she leaves before everyone there gets drunk and obnock…obnox….stupid. Here is Lisa Haley singing one of mom’s favorite songs called Loo Zee Anna. 

Mom has a video of me dancing to Lisa’s “Rub Board Stomach”. If she can remember how to download the video to YouTube, you will get to see my “dance”. It is Bonne Muzique! Hey, that’s pretty good French for a Mexican Chihuahua!


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12 Comments on “LOO ZEE ANNA”

  1. Erin Craig Says:

    Tinky, sounds like mom had a great trip. Maybe on day she will take you along with her!

  2. jamesviscosi Says:

    Wow, Tinky, you have more bling than Mr. T!

  3. Oh… It sounds like your mama is having so much fun!

  4. Gina Says:

    Sounds like fun!! Tinky looks weighted down with those beads. 😀


    Those are just plastic beads. They are very light. I think the only thing Tinky was weighted down with was her “brain”. heh heh


  5. Mercedes Says:

    Wow~I have an aunt named Lisa Haley, but that is definitely not her-hehe! I like your beads! I have been to Disneyland & Universal Studios-18 years ago-did you here what happened? I’m sure you did-horrible!


    Universal Studios is about 1/2 hour from me. The fire was so large, we saw the smoke. That’s not the first time the place has burnt.


  6. Mercedes Says:

    Things that make you go hhhhmmmmmm-hehe! I have something for you at my place:

  7. Tinky you look so cute in your beads!

  8. Rusty Says:

    Tinky! You are stylin’, you look great. Your mom sure is having a lot of fun lately.

    Mom likes the singing video, I think she is going to look Lisa up and try to get a CD!


    Tell mom that Lisa Haley has her own website http://www.bluefiddle.com. Or she can order it on Amazon.com.

    Tell her to get her latest CD called “King Cake”. She was nominated for a grammy this year for that song.


  9. Behr Says:

    Tinky, you’re all dressed up for the festival, but you didn’t get to go? What kind of deal is that!? You would have made a great companion for mom to have, and who knows? Maybe this Lisa lady would let you dance on stage while she sings, if, that is, she ever gets to see you dance. I say you secretly send Lisa your dance video 🙂 Then maybe you’ll be invited to be in a music video with the Lisa lady, and make lots of money to buy all the snacks and toys you want. Hmmmm. Wish I could dance.

    Behr Behr 🙂

  10. Gina Says:

    Yeah, I have some of those beads (U. of Memphis colors to wear to games) and I knew they were light. She is just doing like my chihuahuas…scared and trembling.

  11. You need to go here and listen to this song!!! l.o.l.


  12. […] night I was in my bedroom, and I was playing music on my computer. Now everyone knows I love Lisa Haley  ‘cuz she makes me really really happy. Her song Rubboard Stomach came on I started to get […]

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