I have the neatest pet store that I go to. Every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon they have a shot clinic. I always take my dogs because it saves on the vet bill. You can also purchase your dog license there. Other services include free nail clipping, and deshedding your dog or cat.

Since I have all this money that George Dubya gave me, all I can think about is how to spend it. I was at my neighborhood pet store yesterday to get some kibble for the kids and I wanted to spend some of my economic stimulus money on a FURminator for Sissy and Tinky. The FURminator is a deshedding tool that eliminates excess fur from your pet. The stainless steel edge grabs and removes the loose, dead undercoat without damaging or cutting the top coat. I went up to the register to pay for the food and looked for  it, and they were out of stock!  The girl behind the counter assured me that they were getting a delivery today and I told her I would be back.

She offered to deshed Sissy if I would bring her in. I came back with Jonesy and Sissy and they both got their nails trimmed and Sissy got deshedded. For a small dog, I swear she had enough fur to make a small sweater for Tinky. She even looks a pound thinner! Her coat is now beautiful and shiny, and she knows she looks pretty too.

Hey all you hairy dogs out there, and you know who you are, have your mom spend some of that stimulus tax money on one of those FURminators for you.


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12 Comments on “THE FURMINATOR”

  1. Rusty Says:

    Hey! That looks cool! I think I’ll get mom to get one of those! Not all for me of course! Bear is the one who really needs it!

    That video was cool!

  2. jamesviscosi Says:

    We have one of those; we used to use it on Pooh Bear. It got all kinds of fur off of her. I don’t think I’ve had it out since the kitty went away but maybe I’ll try it on Trixie and see how it works.

  3. Gina Says:

    We need one. 🙂
    The poor dog in the video has his tail between his legs. He’s scared.

  4. I want to see a picture of Sissy! I have a similar brush that works great on Gracie.

  5. Erin Craig Says:

    I have seen those things but never new if they would do as well on the short hair. If it works on your crew it should work on mine! I am going to look for one tomorrow when we go buy an invisible fence.

  6. I used some of my stimulus money on a dremel tool to trim Dobby’s nails. It’s waaaayyy better than clippers!

  7. Pedro Says:

    Hahaha. I just posted about the FURminator too! My mom loves it!

  8. Tony Says:

    Big Arnie says:
    Come with me if you want to be de-shed….
    I’ll be back…

  9. Thanks for posting on the Furminator. I heard someone talk about it at work just today. I looked it up at Petsmart and they want $59 for a large 4″ one which I would need for my big Collie/Lab mix Ben. Anyways they had them at Amazon for $32. Amazon had over 1200 reviews on it and the overall rating was 4 1/2 stars. Couldn’t resist, I ordered one. Big ol’ Ben sure will be happy to get some of his heavy coat off.

    Once again thanks for posting the Youtube video – I was amazed.

  10. Tony Says:

    I forgot to say what an amazing instrument it is,
    P.S. How do I get some stimulus money???

  11. 4urpets Says:

    Tony, It’s easy.

    First you have to live in the United States..
    Second you have to pay taxes…
    Third you have to be in a recession….
    Fourth…You have to have a crappy President who has a guilty conscience….


  12. Alex Says:

    Very nice tool for my cat 🙂

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