I’m at work and the Gopher Man was going to swing by my place this morning to take care of a little business with a certain gopher that has been making himself home by burrowing tunnels all through my back yard. Just this morning I found another little mound in my yard where he had dug up yet another hole. There are so many holes in my back yard I can’t count them.

Even though Sissy is a Chihuahua I think she has a little bird dog (or maybe gopher dog) in her. Every time I let the dogs outside, she runs right over to the latest gopher hole, sticks her nose in there and she must sniff a hundred times. She puts her left leg up like pointers do and fixes her eyes upon that hole. I have even seen her digging. I don’t encourage this behavior as I am afraid that she is going to come up with a short muzzle once that gopher gets a hold of her.

Yes, today I am afraid to go home. I can just imagine that the Gopher Man came over this morning, put whatever it is they use to get rid of gophers in that hole and then left. I just hope and pray that the pesky gopher didn’t come out of his hole, stagger around on the lawn, and plop over dead. I don’t want to find him with his tongue hanging out, and his eyes open staring at me. I can not pick up any dead gopher! Not even if you gave me a hundred dollars to do it.

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11 Comments on “I’M AFRAID TO GO HOME”

  1. Checkers Says:

    Wow, good luck! I would think professional gopher disposal would be part of the deal.


    You would think so with all the money they are charging.


  2. Rusty Says:

    That gopher guy means business! I hope it worked! You’re right! We do have similar voices, yours minus the “slight” Texas accent! Too funny!


    That wasn’t me in the video. I just took it off YouTube because I couldn’t believe that this is one way to eradicate a gopher. But we do sound alike, and we do see hearts in things.


  3. Gina Says:

    You definitely sound just like a Californian. I loved hearing your voice. I think you would probably laugh if you heard my southern accent. I’d be afraid to “dispose” of a gopher too.


    That wasn’t me in the video. I just got that off YouTube. I thought it was kinda funny the way they got the gopher. Then I find out that this is a normal way to do it.


  4. Sharon Says:

    All you need to remove a dead gopher is a shovel and a plastic bag with the trash can nearby. Put the trash bag nearby in a handily open position. Scoop up the gopher in the shovel and quickly slide it into the trash bag. Pull up the sides & deposit it into the trash can. As long as you don’t mind wasting a whole trash bag on one little thing, you’ve got it made!

    I’m with Checkers though. You’d think that THEY would cart away any dead gophers. Especially considering you had to take out a loan for this and all. 🙂 He should be paying you, since he is now famous on the net!


    Thanks for the tip. The Exterminator was here Thursday and so far everything looks calm…no new holes. They will be back this Friday to make sure the gopher has met his demise. If not, they go at it again. But…just in case, I have a plastic bag, a shovel and a trash can handy.


  5. Cara Says:

    We’ve had gophers before.. good grief.. they are a pain in the arse! Hopefully they are GONE GONE GONE!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. OMGosh! I wouldn’t want to go home, either!! Disposing of a dead gopher is something I would dread! My sympathies go out to you on having to face that!

  7. Hello Kathy! There’s an award waiting for you on my blog. 🙂 I love you!

  8. Well… how did it go? I am hoping you had no gophers to dispose of!


    Well, the gopher man was at my place last Thursday (5 days ago). I don’t see any more gopher holes. When I got home, my back yard stunk like someone had shoved minced garlic up my nose. Whew! The exterminator is coming back on Friday May 9th to make sure the gopher is gone. If all is well, I will be planting grass seed to cover up all the damage that dang gopher(s) did.


  9. behr rake Says:


    Behr’s mom 🙂


  10. I had a dead squirrel in one of my trash cans once… I made my boyfriend deal with it 😉 Hope everything went well!!

  11. Erin Craig Says:

    I hope you get rid of the little guy! We have a mole in our flower bed. I don’t know how to get rid of the thing!

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