Well folks, I don’t want to bore you, but I just have to tell you I got another award! This Excellent Award was bestowed upon me by Joy of Joy of Desserts. As all of you may or may not know, we are real life friends, AND SHE STILL LIKES ME! Heh heh… Joy of Desserts is her new blog at Blogspot.  Don’t go over to her Joy of Desserts site unless you want to gain a few pounds on all those yummy desserts. My favorite is the Sprinkles Cupcake recipe that she has. They are to die for!

Anyway upon accepting this Award there are some rules.

  • Upon accepting the Excellent Blog Award, you agree to award it to 10 more people.
  • Link back to the person who gave you this awrd.

I am going to get greedy and accept this award even though I don’t have 10 people to give this to. I dont think I even know 10 people! Everyone I know has accepted this award at least once, and maybe twice and I don’t know if they would want another one.

But, maybe I missed someone, and if I did, please grab this award and run with it, plop it on your post, thank me profusely, and link back to my site.

Hey, if you want to see my Awards, just click on my sidebar where it says, “Awards”!

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  1. sansoucy Says:

    Hey!! That is awesome. . .congrats!! I used to have so many little cool awards for my cat & dog website, but I have lost them all since losing my hard drive, but they are so nice to have!!

  2. Congrats. You are usually always good for a laugh.

    On a side note.. Why do some dogs like cat poop? This is on my mind today. 😀


    I don’t know why, but I have a bloggy friend named Rusty. He used to get into the cat box and get into the “tootsie rolls” until his mom put in a small kitty door to the bathroom. Now he can’t get in there. I should ask Rusty’s Mom on my next blog. Stay tuned…..


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