I can’t believe it! I think I am becoming famous with my little doggy bloggy site. I am so ecstatic I don’t think I will be able to live with myself any more. I got a very interesting visit to my site and I’ll tell you how this all came about.

Every once in awhile, I go brain dead and I can’t think of anything to write for my post. When this happens, I either go into my photo archives, YouTube or Flickr to see if there is anything that I think would make an interesting post. Yesterday I posted a picture of a dog and asked people to post a caption for the picture.

I published THIS POST  and got some nice comments and captions (check the tags in this post). I always look at my stats and when I checked, I noticed a certain Referrer. To see who has visited my site, click on  THIS LINK.

I know HE didn’t visit me personally, but I think it’s funny what a little tag will do for your site. What do you think of that? I think I’ll try to work “Johnny Depp” into my tags on my next post! Hey, I just did… 


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4 Comments on “TAGS”

  1. Gina Says:

    Wow!!! That is amazing. Let us know if you hear from Johnny. I love him.

  2. One of the biggest key words that have gotten people to my site is “birds in the attic!”

  3. Tasmaniac Says:

    maybe “Britney Spears” would draw a lot or “Paris Hilton” people seem to go crazy over Hollywood Bimbo’s

  4. Tasmaniac Says:

    I still struggle with the little comments, you need a new theme with bigger writing.
    Just saying….

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