When mom came home from work last night, she pulled out Sissy’s leash and said, “Sissy…you wanna go bye bye?” I don’t know why she didn’t ask me too. I wanna go bye by mom…hey mom, I wanna go bye bye too! Me too mom. Okay mom? 

I finally got my way and before you know it, I was leashed up and ready to go. I would have gotten out of the door a lot faster, but my leash was wrapped around mom’s legs. How did that happen?

Where the heck are we going? I hope we’re not going to the groomers. Oh, no…Teresa’s Country Pet Store. We’re getting shots at the shot clinic! Oh nooooooo. I’m shaking…can’t help it!

Mom put Sissy in the shopping cart and she makes me walk. Mom said there wasn’t enough room for both of us to sit in the kiddy seat, and Sissy gets scared and is too fat for mom to hold.

There are lots of doggies and children there. The little kids wanted to pet me. That was nice. Some lady wanted to take a picture of me with her cell phone camera. She thought I was so cute. Then we get up to the table where the lady gives the shots…I’m getting nervous now…and they take Sissy! Whew, it’s Sissy’s time for shots, not me! Woo hoo!

After Sissy gets her shots, mom took us over to this nice lady. Oooh noooo, she is carrying a pair of nail clippers. Since mom was holding me, I got my nails clipped first. My eyes are shut, I’m shaking and about ready to pee all over everything…..please please please, don’t hurt me. Before you know it, she was done and was working on Sissy. Hey, that wasn’t so bad.

Then mom takes us all over the store. First she got us some dog food. Some good stuff for me and Jonesy and some diet food for Tinky. Then she got us some little doggy treats that look like little bones. We went down the toy aisle too, but mom didn’t get us any toys today. When we were at the check out counter, she bought me a beautiful gold and diamond charm to put on my collar. It says puppy love and it has rubies on it too. It must be cost mom a million dollars. Mom said since I was such a good girl, she is letting me have this million dollar charm, and she said that I am worth it. 

The End

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6 Comments on “BYE BYE ADVENTURES”

  1. Gina Says:

    Wow Tinky, A $1,000,000 charm That’s nice! You’re worth it though. Did Jonesy stay home?

    Yes, Jonesy stayed home. He doesn’t like to go bye bye because he knows he is going to get a shot. And, it’s too hard for mom to take all three of us.


  2. Mercedes Says:

    Tinky~you did so good! You deserve that million dollar charm! I enjoyed your story. I would like to go to this wonderful place-sounds great!

  3. How sweet! This reminds me, I need to call the vet!

  4. Rusty Says:

    Tinky, you did good and this is a wonderful post! You do deserve that lovely gold and diamond charm!


  5. OOO! What an exciting adventure you had! We’re glad that you got to go, too! And we’re also glad that you two werent hurt too much by the injections or nail clipping! The charm sounds so pretty.. take a picture!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  6. Tinky that was a great story! You are too cute 🙂

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