Oh, Noooo! Reinforcements Are Coming!
Behr Behr  just informed me, Jonesy that she thinks I need help with the gopher easy-button.jpgthat is residing in my back yard. She has connections and is sending in reinforcements to help me get rid of that dang gopher. That’s what happens when you bury the Easy Button and forget where you hide it.
It is further revealed that the gopher in question goes by the name of Jabba da Gopher and is the head honcho and the brains behind all this burrowing and hole making. He is a busy little beaver gopher, but that will soon end.

I should have thought of it before, but it took Behr Behr to help me out. She is sending in The Knight of  Chihuahua. Gee… I hope he brings in some minors hats with lights on them so we can see in those tunnels.

So, with me….”DOG the Gopher Hunter”, and The Knight of Chihuahua, we will get that destructive gopher. Then I will get my reward from my mom and extra tummy rubs for a week. Maybe I will share my stuffed Kong with “Knighty”.
Go on over and visit Behr Behr if you want to get a peek of Jabba da Gopher and The Knight of Chihuahua.
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  1. Good luck, Jonesy!

  2. Gina Says:

    I’m going there now. Call me if you need help Jonesy.
    Your buddy, Tuffy

    Oh, thank you Tuffy. I could really use your help. Just so I will know when you will be arriving, are you taking a nap fist or are you going to wait until you get here?


  3. Tasmaniac Says:

    Leave them be, they are so cute!!!! 🙂

  4. behr rake Says:

    Whoa! That gopher seriously needs to see an orthodontist! 🙂

    Behr Behr 🙂

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