Jonesy was tagged by Joy Of Desserts to participate in a six word memoir. Since this is his first tag, I asked him if he wanted to participate. He said, “Yeah ma, I can do six words!

I told him that I would give the guidelines for the six-word memoir and then he can take over from there.

  • Write your own 6 word memoir;
  • Post on your blog with illustrations of you like;
  • Link to the person who tagged your post;
  • Tag five more blogs with their links;
  • Remember to leave a comment on the the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.












Jonesy chose these five bloggy friends to tag. You’re it! I know some people don’t like to be tagged, but I hope you all know why you should appreciate being tagged and should want to be tagged often! Not only will new bloggers see your site, but it also brings up your Technorati rating! Woo hoo!

Chasing Squirrels With Rusty: Rusty is famous world wide for his ability to chase squirrels. Although he thinks ducks are pretty neat to chase since he has discovered them. He lives for “walkies” and he loves to get into the pantry where the waste basket is kept. He can’t get into the tootsie rolls in the cat litter box which is kept in the bathroom since his mom installed a cat door to the bathroom! 

Checkers World: Checkers is a very witty Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a sense of humor that you will not believe. He’s a whiz at math, is known as ‘Ol Blue Eyes and does things “His Way”. He will do anything for kibble. Checkers, when you do your six-word memoir, please remember that “ham sandwich” is two words.

Cody Bear’s Friends: Cody Bear is a well rounded happy dog. His accomplishments include agility training, zipping around in the yard so fast you can’t see him, and a happy outlook on life, even though he has  tummy problems once in awhile.

Dennis’ Diary of Destruction: Dennis is a Vizsla that beats to a different drum. Recently he has shown up with green feet. He blogs all by himself about how unjustly he is accused of tearing up things by members of his family, and even outside sources. He has been going to agility classes to get rid of some of that pent up energy and his chewing urge to subside.

The Sparky Chronicles: Sparky is the cutest little doggy with a sense of humor that is way too mature for his little self. His first haircut looked like they put a bowl over his head and just cut around the ears. They had to take him to the groomer to get his haircut fixed. He was a Christmas present to his mommy and daddy. Now that’s what I call a gift that keeps on giving.

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  1. pugnotes Says:

    Excellent post Jonsey! You are very talented and I like the illustrations!
    🙂 Melissa

  2. Sorry I can’t participate this time – I’m actually getting ready to drive all day tomorrow to VISIT SPARKY! 🙂

    Well, that is more important. Maybe you can do it when you get back. Have fun!


  3. goodbear Says:

    thanks 4urpets! cody bear is working on his entry now.

  4. […] Filed under: animals, blogs, dogs, life, pets | Tags: 6 word, animals, blogs, dogs, pets, tag, tags jonesy tagged cody bear for a 6 word memoir.  cody implored me not to use crazy and moody, so here are […]

  5. Great memoir, Jonesy. Glad you played along.

  6. Yes, I will do this! I am posting here… because I can NOT see a place to comment over at The Empty Nest!

    And where did you find all of these great pictures?? They are awesome!!

    PS… It is 3 children! 😉

    Beth, I get all my pictures at Google Images (although you have to watch out what you use, some of the stuff is copywrited), and I get some on Flickr.


  7. Gina Says:

    Tuffy’s and mine are up.

  8. Mercedes Says:

    Nice memoir, Jonesy! I have mine up, but Patch is still working on his-hehe!

  9. Checkers Says:

    I’m almost done with mine. Having trouble counting to six. I always seem to end up with 43.

  10. Checkers Says:

    Just posted my 6 word memoir. Hope you like it!

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