I just received a postcard from Sissy’s vet reminding her that she is due for her annual vaccinations at the end of this month.

I turned the postcard over and I read……

“We are participating in the first-ever National Canine Weight Check. Bring your dog in during the month of February for a free weight assessment.

Participate and you’ll receive a beautiful embroidered blanket.

Plus you’ll get the chance to win a custom painting of your dog.”

Now here it is, the end of March and they’re telling me that I can participate for a FREE weight assessment in FEBRUARY. I know Sissy could use that weight assessment, the blanket and the painting, but it’s too late now. Isn’t that the pits?

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10 Comments on “A POSTCARD FROM THE VET”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    That sucks! I believe I would tell them they still owe you due to lack of proper communication! Patch is due for his shots in April-going next week. He will also be getting his teeth cleaned and various other things-as usual-aaaahhhh! I believe he has already had his weight assessment-not officially, but we have been told over and over that he needs to lose some weight.


  2. Rusty Says:

    Oh man. That’s pretty silly of them to send that out in March! I think they at least owe you a blanket.

    That is a cute stunt Sissy. How did she feel about this stunt double?

    She didn’t like it. She says she is not that fat.


  3. lizlangley Says:

    oh my god is that really a dog? i thought it was a fat kitty!

  4. Rusty Says:

    I was reading the conversation over at Gina’s and saw that you are thinking about moving to blogger. I (rusty’s mom) have a blog over there
    ( http://hustlehag.blogspot.com/ ) already. When I set up Rusty’s blog, I tried to do it at blogger with mine but couldn’t get his about me to be about him. It was mine. So I kept mine there and came here for his. They both have good and bad points. Pictures are a lot easier to work with over at blogger. That is a big deal to me.
    If you move will you just move the whole blog over there or maintain both?


    I work, so I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend on my blog. My new blog will be about “The Empty Nest” as all my children are grown. This will give me more flexibility as to what to blog about. I can also blog about my dogs like Gina does. I love my blog at WordPress. If it gets too much for me, I will just keep one. I will keep the one that is easier for me to blog about. I started my blog at blogger, but I won’t have it published for a few weeks. I want to get my page just right.

    I am going to take a little trip over to hustlehag. Now, please tell me why you picked the name hustle hag? I know you are not a hag! Heh heh


  5. pugnotes Says:

    Oh! How disappointing! I think you should get the free blanket. It is definitely one of those examples of how important it is for companies to time their promotions correctly. What was meant to be a nice incentive has now had the opposite effect. I think it is worth letting them know.

  6. Gina Says:

    That is horrible. Let them know you just got it. Sissy deserves a blanket. You could have used Mandy as a stunt double-she is very overweight. But she could care less.

  7. Checkers Says:

    That’s not a cat or dog, it must be a potbellied pig!

  8. elizabethews Says:

    When I first read that I thought why are they sending a postcard for canine weight assessment with a photo of a fat cat. Second look…ooooh. Poor pooch.

    And, yeah, it is the pits!!

  9. TheAgedCat Says:

    [lol] I was thinking, “wow! That’s quite an offer! What if they run out of blankets?” Mailing announcements after the event solves that problem.

    Hey, I never thought of that. It wouldn’t surprise me if the vet did that on purpose. He is not my regular vet, I just have him for the shot clinic.


  10. steph Says:

    I have a chihuhua that looks just like that but not soo big. She weighs 20lbs. She put on some extra weight after she had pups

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