Okay….it’s another slow news day around here. Thought I would get silly and list some great doggy bumper stickers. These aren’t original, but they are kinda cute.

  • Honk If You Love Hot Dogs!
  • If You Can Read This, You’re Hanging Too Far Out Of The Window!
  • Caution – I Brake for Dead Stuff On The Road!
  • My  Chihuahua Can Beat Up Your Obedience School Honor Student!
  • Vet Is A 4-Letter Word!
  • My Other Car Is The Bed Of A Pickup!
  •  I’d Rather Be Digging A Hole In The Back Yard!
  •  Hey Cat! New Law – Red Light Means Go Now, OKAY?
  • Caution – Driver Drools Out The Window!

Okay, I’m through being silly. You can all return to normal now and go about your business.

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12 Comments on “BUMPER STICKERS”

  1. Checkers Says:

    These are cool. I like the dead animals one. Nothing like squirrel jerky.

  2. pugnotes Says:

    great post!
    thanks for the smile!
    🙂 melissa and emmitt

  3. Rusty Says:

    Funny stickers! Thanks for sharing them. I’m with Checkers, let’s get some squirrel jerky!

  4. Gina Says:

    Tuffy would definitely agree with vet is a four letter word. But not Mandy, she loves to go because they love on her so much.

  5. jaimesmith Says:

    Those are really funny! It has been slow in the news, eh? Ive realized it too 🙂

  6. TheAgedCat Says:

    heeheehee . . . hey, wait! What’s that about cats?!

    Let’s change the word “cats” to “squirrels”. How’s that?


  7. TheAgedCat Says:

    PS I’ve posted a treat for the dogbloggers. I hope you’ll like it. http://stateofthecat.wordpress.com/2008/03/26/barklove/

  8. Mercedes Says:

    I love this! Patch definitely agrees with the four letter word! Patch’s other car used to be a bed of a pickup, but now he has his own car-The Patchmobile. He hasn’t been for a ride in almost a week-that tells you how he is doing right now. 😦

    I am sooo glad that he hasn’t ridden in the Patchmobile in awhile. That’s good news.


  9. Erin Craig Says:

    These are funny! I love all the bumper stickers at CafePress! Just type in your breed and you will find so many custom for the breed!

    I’ll try that. Thanks, Erin


  10. Haha! GREAT comic! Dobby looks at big dogs the same way 😉

  11. TheAgedCat Says:

    I’m jes’ kiddin’ re the cats comment. I know dogs’n’cats have their issues. 😉

  12. Mercedes Says:

    Riding in the Patchmobile is a GOOD thing! This is his favorite thing to do-go for car rides. He gets two a day, usually. If he hasn’t been for awhile, that means he is feeling bad and/or can’t get in the car. Sorry for the confusion!

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