It’s always hard to find Jonesy. He is the only dog of mine that loves to “burrow” under the covers, pillows or anything else he can find to cover up. I guess he is cold and he feels safe. Here is a video of Jonesy to show you what I mean.

Where is Jonesy?

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8 Comments on “JONESY “UNDERCOVER””

  1. Mercedes Says:

    How precious! I so need a video camera! My aunt has 4 yorkies and the youngest sleeps under the covers.


    This is just a little video clip from my Kodak Easy Share Camera.


  2. Awww how cute! Weeny likes to hide under the covers too!

    thanks for the chair tip (to get food) but mummy and daddy dont have a table OR chairs, but we will remember the tip for furure reference!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  3. goodbear Says:

    ok….that’s CUTE!

  4. Gina Says:

    That is so adorable!!! He probably gets cold like Tuffy–he does that. It was so cute how Tinky was glad to see him. They know just what you are saying. You have a California accent. 🙂

  5. Gina Says:

    I’d be embarrassed for you to hear my southern accent. It’s very Southern. 🙂

    Gina, I’m glad you think I have a California accent. I always thought I had a slight twang. Sometimes people ask me if I’m from the South. I just say, “Yes….I’m from Southern California”. HA!

    There’s nothin’ wrong with a Southern Accent..ya’ll. (I’m so funny sometimes I can’t stand myself). 🙂

    I just love the Georgia accent. You ever watch Paula Deen? I looove to hear her talk. Now if you talk like Elvis, then you have a great Southern drawl.


  6. Rusty Says:

    That is such a cute video. You said you have a Kodak Easy Share, that’s what I have. How did you get the video from the computer to your blog???

    I just signed up on YouTube and downloaded it from my computer on YouTube. Kodak is really hard to do anything with because they want everything done through them. So I tricked Kodak.

    I pulled up my video from the Kodak program where the pictures and videos are stored. I saved the video on my desktop (there is no way Kodak will allow you to download anything from their program. You can’t even see Kodak on the desktop when you are searching for pictures or videos).

    After the video was saved on the desktop, I went to YouTube and downloaded it to YouTube there.

    I have to do the same thing when I download pictures to WordPress. I have to pull up the picture, save it in a file on my desktop and I download if from there.

    Clear as mud, huh?


  7. Rusty Says:

    WordPress ISN’T easy for posting pictures and neither is Kodak. I always pull them out of kodak and put them in My Pictures. Then I can get them for Blogger or WordPress. I have a little video of Rusty that I’d like to post with his next installment but can’t get it from youtube to wordpress. I can post it to blogger so I know I’m copying the right stuff, but it just won’t go into wordpress.???!!!>>>>> I may have to leave a link for the video, but what a hassle for people to have to go to another place to view it.

    Sharon, I had a real hard time getting the video from YouTube to WordPress. It is not WordPress’ fault. YouTubes codes are so small that you copy them wrong. Do you know that it took me forever to get Jonesy’s on WordPress. I kept seeing the letters “All”. I thought those were two ells when they were really capital i’s. You have to have everything correct right down to the very last “.”

    If you have his video posted on YouTube. Give me the information so I can view his picture and try and see if I can get you his code and we can go from there.


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