Sissy here. Jonesy, Tinky and I woke up at the crack of dawn on Sunday. I Scratched and licked, Jonesy fidgeted and Tinky walked all over mom until she woke up. She made us all some yummy breakfast of chicken, brown rice, green beans and kibble. Yum yum.

After that we all headed outdoors as it was a beautiful Sunday morning. After sniffing around for privacy (you know what I mean), we all scampered around the back yard and chased each other. We played with our toys and gnawed on some bones. What a dog’s life.

Now we’re just taking a break.


Can you see that there are two gopher holes to my left? There is a pesky gopher that mom keeps chasing all over the yard.  She has been trying to get rid of that gopher for about 2 months. She said that the gopher can ruin the yard for all she cares, she is not going to pay a pest exterminator $125.00 to come over and get that thing. She has tried to kill it with these things that looks like dynamite sticks. She lights them and puts them in the hole. One time it smoked so bad that I started to choke. That didn’t work! The next thing she tried is putting the hose deep down inside the gopher hole and tried to drown it out. Mom thought she got rid of it until it popped back up about 10 days later. Then she bought some stuff for the lawn that is supposed to make them run away. We’ll see.

So for right now, I am keeping my eyeballs on those gopher holes. I can’t wait until a gopher pops his head up and BAM…I got him! 

If it isn’t squirrels, it’s gophers. Does anyone have any ideas for mom to get rid of that pesky gopher? Hey Rusty, how do you chase a gopher?

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10 Comments on “GETTIN’ RID OF GOPHERS”

  1. Lita Says:

    oh my you guys are so adorable. I am a mom to 3 Chihuahuas (Peanut, Tinkerbell, Chewy), 1 jack rusell mix (Pistachio), and 2 black Lab mixes (Charlie and Lucky). I love your picture!!!

  2. Gina Says:

    Sissy, you three are so adorable lying there sunning which is what Mandy LOVES to do outside. Sorry I don’t know anything about gophers. We have moles.

  3. jamesviscosi Says:

    We’ve had a pretty serious gopher problem here too. I’ve used the gas bombs and they’re somewhat effective, but I’ve had a lot more luck with this new style trap that Victor makes. The only problem is, the trap is really gross. Anyway, it’s the kind listed here:

    They have these traps at Lowes and Home Depot.

    You really do want to get rid of your gophers before they get into your house and chew up your furniture. I have it on good authority that they’re responsible for destroying our chaise lounge.

    Thanks James, I’ll get some. Now the trick is to find all of his runways. Will those fit in the little gopher holes?


  4. Rusty Says:

    I’m sorry your mom is having such trouble with those little pests. Are they as much fun to bark at and chase as squirrels?

    Nope..they are underground tunnel burrowers. They don’t come out only to pile up dirt by their holes. They tear up the yard and they are a pest.

    I keep looking and looking to see if their head will pop up out of the ground, but they never do.


  5. Gomer Says:

    We live in Minnesota where they are always talking about Gophers on the picture radio, but we’ve never seen one. We only see the squirrels and rabbits and deer and geese and turkeys that live in the wetlands behind our house. Dogmom says there are gophers out there too, but we’ve never seen one.
    Wuf Ya!

  6. I heard if you stick a piece or two of Wriggles, or any chewing gum covered in foil, into gopher holes – soon your problems will be over.

    If you are not kidding me, I will try it. But you have to give me your word that this is not a joke. I am not going to go out there and stick gum in the holes and feel like a nut case.


  7. Mercedes Says:

    Beautiful picture! It looks like summer here! You have a beautiful yard-minus the gopher holes-lol! Boy do I remember the gophers when I lived on the farm. I don’t believe ex did much about them though. Patch and Chloe loved chasing those gophers and also digging for them-aaahhhh!


  8. jamesviscosi Says:

    The instructions on the traps say to put them in the runs but they don’t tell you the traps should be at least 8-12 inches in from the opening, otherwise the gophers will just fill in the tunnel up to the trap and not get caught. I’ve found that digging into the middle of the run and then putting a trap down each direction is most effective. Leave the tunnel open, because the gophers are attracted to the light and fresh air (they will want to plug up the tunnel and make it dark and dank again).

    Did I mention these traps are really gross?

    Yes you did. I don’t know if I will know where the runs are and besides, I don’t know if I want to take out a dead gopher out of the trap. Or do you leave them in the trap to rot? Now I’m getting gross.



  9. jamesviscosi Says:

    I pull the trap out gopher and all and toss the whole thing. Technically the traps are reusable but I’m not taking the gopher out of it!

    You can usually locate the runs by digging around the secondary holes that go to the surface or by poking a stick into the ground and feeling for cavities.

  10. Nikki Says:

    What a great crew!!

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