I had a good time going down memory lane while I wrote this story about my first dog. I invite you to write a story about your first dog, cat, or pet and post it in your blog. I’ll bet those are the best memories you had as a child.

When I was 5 years old, I we got our first dog. She was a German Shepherd Collie mix, and we named her Sparky. She was my best friend.  Back then, people didn’t treat their dogs as equals. We did love our dogs, but we let them be dogs. I know that we were more ignorant then about taking care of them. I can remember Sparky having a litter of pups just about every six months with a number of the neighborhood dogs that she just happened to meet (that hussy). She was really fat. Not only did she get her regular dog food to eat, but with six children in the house, she got lots of scraps under the table that we didn’t like. I was the pickiest of eaters and Sparky knew just where to plop herself under the table to get the most food. Right by me!

When I was six years old, we lived across the street from a public park, and one summer day, there was a dog show that was put on by the park.  I HAD to enter Sparky in the dog show because I knew she was the most beautiful dog in the world and she was going to win the blue ribbon!

Sparky just had a litter of puppies about three weeks prior, it was a hot summer day and she was shedding, and she was really FAT.  My sister, who was 10 years my senior and I went to the back yard proceeded to fill up a tin wash tub (anyone remember those?) with water. We were going to make Sparky shiny and squeaky clean and gorgeous for that dog show.

After she was bathed, we took Sparky on her leash and we proceeded to waddle her over to the park with her teats hanging down and swinging from side to side, still wet mind you, and entered her in the contest. I sat in the bleachers and waited for them to call out her name as the Winner of the Dog Show. All of a sudden, I heard them call Sparky’s name. She was a WINNER! I was soooo excited. Then when I went to pick up her blue ribbon, I found out that she won the top prize for the “Most Unusual Looking Dog”! Ooh no, I was so broken hearted. I started to cry. I thought it was a mistake. Couldn’t they see that she was just the most beautiful dog in the show?

Now that I look back on it, I think they must have made a “special” ribbon for Sparky, because I never heard of a Most Unusual Looking Dog ribbon. And now that I am older, that was probably a polite way of handing her “The Ugliest Dog” ribbon. 

My sister teased me about Sparky and the Dog Show for years and years.

Presented to Sparky for the “Most Unusual Looking Dog”

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7 Comments on “MY FIRST DOG”

  1. elusivek Says:

    how sweet 🙂 But of course she was the most beautiful dog. Beauty is only skin deep when compared to love. Sparky is lucky to have been loved so well 🙂

    I’ve had so many dogs in my childhood days I don’t really know which I should call my first dog (there were 2 which were in a family already when I was born, and right after I was born came another 2). But I’ll write about the dog that I had the most memory of.

  2. Rusty Says:

    Precious memories! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love has a lot to do with it. She sounds like a sweetie.

  3. Erin Craig Says:

    Poor Sparky. Your story of her reminds my of Blake’s Black Lab Zoe. She is fat and waddles really bad. His parents have given her every stray biscut there was. She is a big ol southern girl!

    As far as my first dog…that would be Chloe. My parents never let me get a dog so Blake made sure that I got a puppy! She is the best first dog ever!

  4. Gina Says:

    What a sweet story. How nice of them to present an award just for her. Cliff got Chloe (our poodle who died last April 07) and Mandy before we married so I guess Tuffy is my first own dog. I didn’t have pets growing up except for a turtle once and that doesn’t count to me.

  5. lizlangley Says:

    such a sweet story. i’m sure she was a beautiful dog, no matter what award she was given!

  6. Mercedes Says:

    Beautiful Story! Bless your heart. I will have to tell more stories about Patch and his life. He has had a wild one. Soon I will post more about the history behind Patch. When I was in college, I wrote a book about him for my writing workshop class. When one of the second grade classes write their own books and “publish” them for writing workshop, their teacher borrows my book for an example. I’m so proud of your Sparky!

  7. Tamy Says:

    That is such a sweet story! Obviously they saw her beauty from the inside out just as you did. If only we all saw the real beauty of everyone and everything without judgment.

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