Poley and Rukia  at manicdote started “Pug Bowl 2008”. You take a photo of your  dog, cat, bird, lizard  or whatever in a bowl  and post it on your blog.   

All of Poley’s, Rukia’s, Rusty’s and Cody Bear’s pictures came out really cute. I took pictures of Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky and they did not turn out well. Every picture it looks like I beat them into submission. They were not happy campers. I couldn’t even coax them with food. So, here are a few pictures…


This is Jonesy all tensed up. His ears are down, his tail is inbetween his legs and he is shaking. It looks like he is accusing me of animal cruelty.


This is as close as I could get Sissy to the Bowl…She kept jumping out and running away. I got tired of chasing her, so we compromised.


And this is the only way I could get Tinky to participate, with chicken, rice and green beans. She’s pretty smart. She is nowhere to be found if she doesn’t want to do something. All I have to do to get her out of the room is pick up a pair of nail clippers and zoom…..she’s gone.

Oh well, I’m glad this isn’t a contest. Maybe I would win the booby prize.

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14 Comments on “PUG BOWL 2008 ~ “CHIHUAHUA EDITION””

  1. Mercedes Says:

    Great pictures and descriptions! I can’t stop grinning! LOL! Bless our dogs and what we sometimes put them through-they think it is such torture-haha! I like Sissy and the tongue shot!

    99% of the time, her tongue is sticking out. That’s what makes her so special.


  2. Tasmaniac Says:

    Sounds like you had a ball with them. They look rather terrified. I had the same problem with Misty, as soon as I let go to take a picture she would run. The final pic has her with a blurry head as she was about to run again & my blurry hand that didn’t get out of camera view quick enough. Douglas the Chicken on the other hand was a perfect photographic subject. He didn’t move at allso I got a really good pic of him.

  3. Nevis Says:

    *LOL* Too funnny! That cracked me up so much this morning! Thanks! I love those pictures.

  4. behr rake Says:

    You guys are so cute, even if you do look confused about what mom is trying to get you to do. What does she think you are, food? Like treats on feets? 🙂 I think it counts that you are at least in the same photo as the bowl 🙂

    I don’t think mom could get me and a bowl in the same photo. Does a bathtub count as a bowl?

    Little Behr Behr :

  5. TheAgedCat Says:

    [chuckle] in my blogsurfer, the pictures appeared huge and distorted. Sissy looked as big as CodyBear and Tinky looked like she was painted by Edvard Munch.

    Yet here they are, petite and very cute (as is normal).

  6. Gina Says:

    I am still laughing. I think you’d win if it were a contest just because they look so horrified. My chihuahuas are exactly like that–part of the reason I haven’t done a bowl shot yet. Little bitty submissive Jonesy is so cute and Sissy’s tongue picture is adorable (Mandy does that). She has a cute hairline–hehe. Tinky reminds me so much of Tuffy.

  7. Aww! what sweet piccies! They REALLY dont like the bowls!! Bless!


  8. It is good when dogs keep their humans challenged. Wooooo!

  9. Rocket Says:

    Good goin crew! don’t let anyone put you in a bowl and eat you!

  10. Rusty Says:

    I loved the pictures and youd story made me laugh! Jonesy does look terrified. Sissy looks unhappy and like she is taunting you by sticking her tongue out at you. Tnky looks happy with the way it all turned out for her. Yum, chicken!

  11. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    Love the picture of Sissy.. with her tounge out!! Sophie told me to tell her.. good for you, stand your ground!!!!

  12. lizlangley Says:

    all the pictures are funny, but that last one made me laugh! tinky knows exactly what a bowl is really for!

  13. It is as if Sissy is asking, “Where’s the food?”

    Nice pictures, really captures the moment.

  14. Julia Says:

    I love chihuahuas, NOT just because I’m 10… It’s just they are so cute AND cuddly!!!!!!!! My step-mom has a minpin jackrussel mix and it is so greedy, like it takes all of my step-mom’s other pet’s toys!!! But the first dog I mentioned looks just like a chihuahua and acts like one (greedy,shaky etc.)

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