I had a post on “If The Next President Were A Dog”. george-washington-ii.jpgSome of the comments left by my doggy bloggy friends were great and I have to share them with everybody (you know not everyone reads the comments). So here goes….IF THE NEXT PRESIDENT WERE A DOG:

The Aged Cat ~ Walkies!” would be the name of his national physical fitness initiative.

Around the Funny Farm ~ If our next President was a dog, tongues would wag!

Moppet ~ Moppet is all for passing the bill on taking more naps, being he is a professional nap taker.

Rocket~ If the next president were a dog, we would all be allowed off-leash in every park and restaurant; and

If the next president were a dog, any man convicted of animal abuse would get his nuts whacked off (I didn’t say that…Rocket did!).

Rusty ~ If a dog was president all the foreign leader dogs would have a round of butt sniffing, have a fun romp on the White House Lawn and take a good nap together. After that everyone would be friends.

Dennis ~  The first thing we shood do is make shoor evry dog has a pet rat then we shood owtlaw krates….Tuffy for President!!!!

Turbo ~ I am also running for President. There is actually nothing in the constitution that says that there can’t be more than 1 dog president. When I’m president, I’m banning lots of things including (but not limited to), stupidity, lightning storms, epilepsy. All my speeches will be no more than 3 minutes long and will end with cheese and bacon for all.

Sissy wants to add to Turbo’s comment…All your speeches will be no more than 3 minutes long and will end with cheese and bacon and ham sandwiches for all.” Is that right Checkers?

Misty ~  (the pretty poodle from Tasmania) Not just America, but I think the doggies of the world would do a far better job than most of our politicians do. Especially the Poodle wife.

Sissy wants to add to Misty’s comment…And we would not eat our ear wax like Kevin Rudd,  your Prime Minister. Heh heh…See YouTube Video below….

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  1. Gina Says:

    Great post again. Tuffy agrees there can be more than one doggie president. The more the better. I agree with you some about the carnival. I will stick with my doggie/cat friends.

  2. There would also be NO HUMANS signs!

    I love all of the comments!

  3. Tasmaniac Says:

    Misty replies: Yummy, Earwax may be nice, but I will stick to licking my bum!!!

  4. Erin Craig Says:

    This is just too gross! Humans are gross! Tuffy for President!

  5. Rusty Says:

    Love that you put everyones idea up there! nd as far as the video goes: YIKES!

    Rusty’s Mom,

    I put the video up there for Misty, the little poodle from Tasmania. The video is their Prime Minister. I thought it was hilarious.


  6. Moppet wakes from a sudden snore, rolls over, strecthes his paws way out, then quickly falls back to sleep. Only this time his dream included a little poodle from Tasmania. Together they are playing tug-a-war with a squeaky toy.

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