Woo hoo….today is my 100th post! Sometimes I don’t know how I did it. It’s not easy to come up with something to write in your blog everyday. To celebrate, I thought I would post something a little different and a little comical.

Every once in awhile, I go to my Stats page to see what is happening on my Blog. Did you ever check out the “Search Engine Terms” that people use to find your blog? When I see some of them, I don’t know how some of these people ever found me. Here are some of the funniest search engine terms on my blog.

  •  PICTURES OF DOGS IN RECOVERY ~ (My dogs have never “recovered” from anything).
  • MOHAIR SWEATER SISSY ~ (The only thing I can think of is my dog Sissy’s name grabbed this one).
  • COCK ACHON DOGS ~ (I am baffled).
  • HELPER DOG DOES LAUNDRY ~ (None of my dogs are helpers, nor do they do laundry. Wish they did!).
  • GRASS BOXES FOR DOGS ~ (I did a post on “Toy Boxes For Dogs”. Could that be it?).
  • LONGEST JPG IN THE WORLD~ (I did a post on “The Longest Tongue In The World”. I guess they were disappointed when they reached my post. After all they were looking for the longest “jpg” in the world).
  • TOP 10 YOU KNOW YOUR MAN LOVES YOUR DOG ~ (No man around here).
  • 10 MAN BREEDS DOGS ~ (Another puzzler).
  • STUFING IT~ (Whaaaa?)
  • WHAT IF SNOW IS IN THE WAY OF GRASS ~ (I did a post on “I Hate Snow”, but it was not in the way of grass).

Oh well, I guess I got traffic to my blog with some disappointed viewers. They should have known better!

I would like to know what is the craziest search engine term that was used to find your post.

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15 Comments on “HOW DID YOU FIND ME?”

  1. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    Someone actually found me by searching for “Holy Moly Batman” Can you believe that??? Who searches like that?? too Funny! I want that person who has the helper dog doing laundry to stop by my house! There’s a huge pile accumulating every day waiting for them!!!
    Congratuations on your 100th post!!! I Love coming here!!!

  2. lizlangley Says:

    i don’t have too many since my blog is pretty new, but the most unusual are “my snoring” and “on the hopper”. so funny what people are searching for! congratulations on 100 posts– every day no less! That is a feat!

  3. Gina Says:

    I have never noticed too many weird ones but ever since I wrote one tiny little line about Hannah Montana, there have been so many people looking for stuff on Hannah. She is really popular so I guess that explains it. Congrats on your 100th post!

  4. goodbear Says:

    the all time funniest one for my blog was:

    “picture a bear’s butt”

    there was also: “feral cat licking his lips”, “i love ewe”, and….”my dog’s stomach is hard, why”

  5. goodbear Says:

    COCK ACHON DOGS ~ (I am baffled).
    …that made me laugh out loud!

  6. Rusty Says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post! I’m going to go look at my stats and see what searchers searched for!
    The ones you have are too funny!

  7. thegirl Says:

    Ha! those are HYSTERICAL!!!

    The cats are still the enemy…

    update coming soon

    good news – got my first sale!!! YAY!!!

  8. We had one that read “Moppet Dog”. Now to think Moppet is a bread of dog…

    Isn’t it?


  9. behr rake Says:

    This was SOOOOOOO Funny!!!!!! I laughed so hard my sides hurt!! It is really funny what search engine terms pop up on our blogs. I notice them occasionally, but never bothered to look at the whole list at one time. My own list was quite funny as well.

    RE: 10 man breeds dogs. I wonder if this is related to the Wizard of Oz somehow? (tin man) Maybe that’s how they got the money for their trip to see the wizard 🙂 Ha! Definitely need that helper dog around here, too. Send him over for a day if you find him, ok?

    I got one yesterday that said “sissy spa”. I immediately thought of you, sissy. Maybe you should come over to our house and use our spa 🙂 I also had one that said “ear taping chihuahua”. Hmmm. I have a great dane, and why on earth would you tape a Chihuahua’s ears??? I’m wondering if your blog has secretly merged with mine or something 🙂

    Congrats on your 100th post!!!!! We haven’t made it that far yet. Great blog, funny/interesting posts. Keep up the great blogging 🙂

    Behr Behr’s mom 🙂

  10. Hmm we;re not sure if we can do that on ours, it would be pretty funny to see what people searched for and found us!!

    Love W and D xx xx

  11. Gracie sniffed you out… 😉

  12. Checkers Says:

    Congrats on your 100th post! Love the picture.

  13. That picture is adorable!

    The weirdest term that’s driven traffic to my blog is “39th president jimmy carter grits the dog”

    I wrote a post about the US Presidents’ pets on Presidents Day this year!

  14. goodbear Says:

    i got my coolest search term ever in stats today:

    “johnny depp dog toys”

    Good Bear, so you think you’re Johnny Depp now? Now everyone is looking at their blog stats for search engine terms. That’s really funny.


  15. goodbear Says:

    oh, i look every day. and one of my friends, for a couple months now…he types in crazy random words to find me and i have to guess if its him!… i think search terms is my favorite wordpress feature!

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