Uh oh, the suitcases are on the bed. They’ve been there for about four or five days now. Every day I see new stuff being put in them. This doesn’t look good. Every time I see those on the bed, it seems like mom disappears for a few days. I’ll know for sure if Marianne comes over. She is the one that feeds us and takes us for walks when mom doesn’t come home. Marianne is called a dog sitter, but she never sits on us.

I don’t like this one bit. I gotta contact the CIA (Canine Intelligence Agency) so they can help me figure this whole thing out. “Hello, is this the CIA? Can I talk to the Top Dog? I need you to find out if my mom is going to leave us again.” Hmmmm, ……yes…….Okay. Bye.”

Well, it’s official. Mom is going to Aira Zona and is going to leave us. Ever heard of a place called Kingman? She is leaving Sunday and will be back on Wednesday morning. She is not going to blog because she is not fortunate enough to have one of those new fangled doodads called a wireless laptop.

It’s time to start pouting. She better bring us back something special. Maybe one of those Jackalopes they have out there.

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18 Comments on “WHERE IS AIRA ZONA?”

  1. thegirl Says:

    Just yesterday I killed me a Jackalope in the basement. Or was it a dust bunny? I don’t know.

    The girl was a dog sitter for a long time and she only sat on one dog. It was an accident and it squealed really loudly but it was ok. I laughed a chihuahua laugh when she told me the story.

    The girl also read an article about how you are 40% less likely to have a heart attack if you have a cat… but its not the same for us doggies. Apparently we make more stress. HEHE I do it on purpose.

    Have fun while your mommy is away,

    luvs and licks,


  2. 🙂 Such a cute blog!

    My woman is talking about airplanes. She keeps putting my treats into this ummm…..new suitcase…

    She say’s it is MY OWN SUITCASE….

    Gracie who owns Beth

    We have one too. Jonesy had to go into it the other day ‘cuz mom snuck him into work. He wasn’t feeling well. He looked funny in this suitcase because all you could see was his head popping out. He looked funny because it looked like a girly suitecase. It was black with little pink dogs all over it.


  3. Rusty Says:

    Hi! It’s usually bad news when mom gets out the suitcase. Maybe you can have some fun while mom is gone, show her how you feel about the whole thing.

    About those dust bunnies – be CAREFUL. They make you sneeze your head off!

    Hey, I never thought of that. I hope she leaves the bathroom door open, I just love to get in the trash or pull on the toilet paper roll..


  4. My mom updated her blog just for your mom.


  5. Have fun!! Wish we were going with you again because we had so much fun last time. We have a little surprise waiting for your Chihuahuas when you get back!

    Now that’s going to bother me until I get back. So you have forgiven me for writing the post about the Bully Sticks? Talk to you when I get back.


  6. Ashley Says:

    Love your blog! Look forward to hearing about your trip. My Australian Cattle Dog says she wants to know if you see any cows out there…


    Will do. I will be leving on Amtrak at 6:45 p.m. I have never seen any cows where I have been, but I’ve seen plenty of burrows. Does you dog like to herd burrows? 🙂


  7. Erin Craig Says:

    We will miss you! Have a good safe trip!

  8. sansoucy Says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    Have a great trip! I wish I could go. . .:-) Sorry I have been away so long!!!


  9. jamesviscosi Says:

    Kingman? Yikes! Well at least it’s not August …

  10. Gina Says:

    I know you will miss your mommy while she’s gone. Our Nana comes and babysits us when our mommy leaves. It’s so much better than going to the vet where our sister Chloe used to have to go before we were born. Yuck.

    Kathryn, I sure will miss you and your posts thoses days. Have a safe and fun trip.

  11. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    Nothing wrong with a Jackalope.. if you ever go to Douglas, Wyoming (not that many people ever would!!) there is a GIANT statue of one~ Just a little Monday trivia~
    Have a great time on your trip!

  12. CIA – Canine Intelligence Agency! HAHAHA! That is brilliant! Can we join your club, too? We think we are smart enough – we’re really good at sniffing down the squirrel tracks in the backyard.

    Benson and Gibson at ThoughtsFurPaws.com

    Benson and Gibson,

    Glad you stopped by my site. I will come by ans say, “Hi”. Just got back from Arizona and I am still pooped.


  13. Lissa Says:

    mmmmm Jackalope! Those are nummy, well so I’ve heard! When my mom is gone I like to tear up any packages she leaves out (like treats or the beef jerky). There’s always yummy stuff in there!!

    Mister Bits

  14. Checkers Says:

    Wow, you guys are lucky. When my owners go away, they board us. We never know if they are coming back or not!

  15. wooftails Says:

    So glad we found you. We have a new doghouse on wordpress.

    Wet slobbery kisses from WoofTails aka Fluffy Puppies 🙂

    I’ll come by and check you out.


  16. Aira zona! Sounds pretty, but we’ve never been there! Hey, maybe she needs a couple of doggies to carry her bags??? Yes??

    Bone voyage!
    Daisy and Lucy

    I could have used a couple of dogs to carry my bags because I had too many suitcases. I would put a sack on their backs and pack them full. I wouldn’t have to worry about rolling two suitcases around, just dogs on leashes. 🙂


  17. Rusty Says:

    I see that your mom is back. Did she bring you something nice? Hope you got something fun and something yummy!

    Yes, I am back. Couldn’t find any Jackalopes that they wanted, but they didn’t care. All they wanted was me. After I got home, all three of them went bye bye to the bank. We got back home, had lunch and all of us took about a two hour nap, with all three of the dogs piled up on my lap. Everyone is happy now.


  18. goodbear Says:

    are you back?! how was the desert?

    Yes I’m back and I just posted. I had to see what everyone was up to before I posted. I have a house in Kingman that was vacant. I took my daughter in law and we did a walk through of the house and we cleaned it until I ached. I also got a new management company, so I was busy busy busy. Glad to be back home. I missed all my doggy bloggy friends.


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