I was looking through old “baby” pictures the other day and I came across this one. This is Tinky when she was about 2 months old. She loved playing with balls and squeaky toys that bounced. Here she is attacking an ugly squeaky that was her nemeses.



I don’t know what that evil squeaky did to her when she was a baby. She is not too fond of them anymore. When Sissy or Jonesy is playing with their squeakies, she has her ears perked and she is very interested in playing. The minute I take the toy and squeak it, she runs away with her ears down. Go figure.

I wonder if Tinky is the only dog with strange play habits. What does you dog do that is different when playing?

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14 Comments on “TINKY ON THE ATTACK”

  1. infinitygoods Says:

    She’s so cute.

    Each time we would make our bed our kitty would jump into the bed sheets and swing hammock style. I don’t think too many other pets do that, right?

  2. elusivek Says:

    oh, how cute!
    of all the dogs I’ve had before, only 1 came to the family since her puppy days. I don’t think she particularly played with any toys, squishy or not. I don’t even remember her teething and gnawing on things (not even the most expensive pair of leather shoes)
    But she definitely had a habit of tripping me over various times in the street and leaving my face all scratched and bruised. duh. But I miss her all the same…

  3. goodbear Says:

    that is a great picture! and the nemesis? he looks pretty evil!

  4. Gina Says:

    Cute baby. Mandy is too old to play with toys now but she never really liked them–even when she was one.
    Tuffy likes little stuffed animals but only for about ten minutes and only if I act like I am trying to get it from him. I always wanted a dog that played and have never really had one.

    Tinky chases her tail…she “stalks” Jonesy and Sissy and then attacks them. Yup, she plays all by herself.

    How old is Tuffy and Mandy? Jonesy and Sissy are 7 years old and Tinky is just 2.


  5. Aww what a sweet picture! The toy IS nearly as big as Tinky! awww!

  6. CeliaSue Says:

    how funny… Tinky looks big as a baby … cutey….

    cici loves squeaky toys… she makes a little jump, almost like a dance step when she attacks her toys, balls, bones, whatever… even in the snow…

  7. Erin Craig Says:

    Is there anything that Chloe does that is normal??? ummm NO! My favorite of her silly ways is that I can make all sorts of sounds and she will look at me then attack Blake. Not sure why but it is funny. Also we make barn animal noises and she just sits there, until you moo like a cow. She goes nuts! Which is funny since there is a field of cows that moo all day and it doesn’t bother her.

    That’s hilarious. My dogs go bizerk when I put my voice up really high and say, “Oooooh Noooo Mr. Bill”. I guess I’m not normal either. haha


  8. thegirl Says:

    Teeeeny Tiiiiiny Tiiiinky!

    I wish I could have seen K-Dawg when he was a little. I bet his head was just as enormous as it is now!

    I think Knuckles (aka K-Dawk) is littler than Tinky (aka T-Dawg). Tinky only weighs 6 pounds but she is long.


  9. Rusty Says:

    The weirdest thing Rusty does is to bring his nylabone and jump in my lap with it. He then shoves it in my hand for me to hold for him while he chews on it.

    I can’t get him plastic squeeky toys, he sits down with them and attacks them till he has a hole in them.

    Mr. Bill! I love Mr. Bill and haven’t thought of him in years!

  10. sansoucy Says:

    Omgoodness, look at that tubby tummy! What a cutie!!

  11. Gina Says:

    Mandy is about 11 years old. We adopted her and I lost her papers. Tuffy is 2 1/2 and will be 3 on July 18th, 2008.

  12. Drunkbunny Says:

    My St. Bernard hasn’t liked playing with toys since he was like 1 year old. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on toys, and he could care less about any of them. I felt bad for a long time because I thought he was depressed, but then I read on the internet that Saints often don’t like playing with toys.

    I guess they are too mature for that. They want to rescue someone, not play with toys. 🙂


  13. Looks as if Tinky is having a lot of fun with the toy.

    Our three little ones; Sugar, Moppet, and Sassy all play with toys as long as Sugar allows the others to do so. Sugar, the Oklahoma Mudpuppy, is a very sweet dogs. The Mudpuppy sometimes allows the others to win in tug-of-war. The other two adore Sugar and respect her. She is alpha, but sweetly so.

  14. Mercedes Says:

    Precious! Patch loves his “squeeky babies”. He isn’t too fond of the plastic ones though. He likes the cloth fleecy ones the best!


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