MEMPHIS Tennessee (AP).  You can see it in their tail wags and hear it in their barks. They say that it is difficult to describe, but once they experience it, it’s Tuffy all the way! “He is very charismatic. It’s an indescribable experience,” said Sissy, 7, after hearing White House Hopeful Tuffy as he addressed a packed rally of all of his bloggy friends.tuffy-for-president.jpg 

“I think he has a lot of momentum and I’m really excited about his free pet insurance for all pets  plan.  I know he’s going to do a lot of great things for us,” said Cody Bear. “His speech made me glad to be a Canine again.”

Knuckles, who is registered as an Indepawdent said, “Tuffy has my vote.” Music was playing, “Who Let The Dogs Out”, as Tuffy left the arena. What a frenzy! It’s Tuffy fever!

Tuffy, a Memphis Tennessee Chihuahua, son of a White American Chihuahua mother, is kicking off his campaign a little late, but backed by his Campaign Manager The Aged Cat, he was able to raise more campaign money than Hillary.

“Tuffy, who has been endorsed by all of his bloggy friends  thinks he has a good chance of winning.  His bloggy friends are pretty heavy hitters in the pawlitical arena. Even if Hillary or McCain wins the popular vote, we are confident that Tuffy will gain all the electoral votes to win the nomination for President.  ALL of Tuffy’s bloggy friends are Super Delegates and are committed to him at the 2008 National Convention. We are also going for the feline endorsement, and Tinky will help us with the younger vote,” said The Aged Cat. 

It’s not decided yet, but if Tuffy is nominated, Rusty, a feisty Yorkie from Texas is a shoe in for Tuffy’s running mate. Since Jonesy  is the best dog for the job, it is inevitable that he will be picked as the head of the CIA (Canine Intelligence Agency).  Sissy will probably be the Secretary of Kibbles, and Checkers will be the Ambassador of Silliness.

Do we have your support?

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  1. Gina Says:

    Thank you Tinky, Jonesy and Sissy and all my buddies for your wonderful support. I believe, with your help, I will make it. The reporter did get the city wrong–it is Memphis instead of Nashville. I will not let you down.
    Your candidate, Tuffy

    Kathryn–you are so clever with your wording!!

    Thank you. It was really really fun to do this post. I will have the Editor change the city to Nashville. Why did that happen? I know Tuffy lives in Elvis Country.


  2. thegirl Says:

    The girl says if you don’t win she is moving to Canada or voting republican.


    Knuckles the naughty bad shoe eater.

  3. Erin Craig Says:

    I would vote for Tuffy anyday before I would vote for Hillary! Oh and thanks now I will be singing “Who let the dogs out” all day!

  4. Lissa Says:

    Great post!! I’ll be voting for Tuffy for sure! 🙂

    Mister Bits is still undecided, he thinks that there should be free treats for all! LOL

  5. Mercedes Says:

    Excellent Post! Tuffy has my vote!
    Who let the dogs out! Woof-Woof…Woof-Woof-Woof!

  6. Mercedes Says:

    Patch is with Mister Bits!

  7. Rusty Says:

    Great news release! I love the way you write, too.

  8. sansoucy Says:

    Tuffy sounds like a great candidate!! I would vote for him!!

  9. Mercedes Says:

    We have officially endorsed Tuffy for President!

    Mercedes & Patch

  10. […] friend Tuffy is running for President and Jonesy is going to be appointed head of the CIA (”Canine […]

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