Hey Snoopy, it’s time to celebrate! At last, a Beagle has won Top Dog at the Westminster Kennel Club. The Beagle has never won in the 100 times the Westminster Kennel Club has chosen a winner, even though they are one the nations most popular dogs.

Uno, a three year old Beagle and the first of his breed to win, has gone from Underdog to Top Dog! This Beagle is numero “Uno”! How do you like that, Charley Brown?

Jonesy thinks the contest was rigged. He thought the cute little Chihuahua “number” should have won. Or maybe the Corgi, the Yorkie, or the Weimie. What do you think?

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  1. roux2 Says:

    Well, I was kinda goin’ for the Aussie myself, but having had the world’s best Aussie, I guess you can understand my favoritism…lol.

    Have no probs with the Beagle, though, since my favorite groups are Hounds and Terriers. Would’ve preferred the Borzoi for hounds or the Westie for terriers, but that’s just because we’ve had both and loved ’em.

    No bad dogs, though, so whatever… just as long as people love the dogs they have…mutts or purebreds… and take care of them.

    Kudos to Uno! Enjoy your win!

  2. jamesviscosi Says:

    We always think the vizslas should win, but we’re biased. 😉

  3. behr rake Says:

    Well, it would be nice if for once in history a great dane would win even best of working group. (or better yet, best in show!) It hasn’t ever happened yet. Danes are not exactly the favorite of the working group, as a rule. They are such teddy bears who deeply love their people, but are usually overlooked in the bigger picture. Maybe someday. I’m sure there are other breeds out there with similar disappointments.
    I agree with the above comment about the main issue is that they are loved and in good homes. Sometimes a non serious competition show home is better, unfortunately. Behr’s mom

    Note from Behr Behr…I wanted the black female dane to win. She was pretty! 🙂 Congrats to Uno, tho. How appropriate of a name you have, Uno!
    Behr Behr

  4. Erin Craig Says:

    Uno was a cutie. But of course from the post on my blog we were rooting for Marge the Weimaraner!

  5. Gina Says:

    I’m glad a beagle won. Uno was really pretty. Of course, I always stayed glued to the TV to see the chihuahuas and they are always adorable–lon and short hair ones.

    Me too!


  6. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    We were glad that the Beagle won too.. Well, Mom, Dad and the kids were glad.. Sophie and Sully were voting for the Eskie!

  7. Rusty Says:

    Well, my vote would have gone with the Yorkie!!! Mom really liked the chihuahuas, too! But if one of them couldn’t win, mom said that the beagle was wonderful, so that’s ok.

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