Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky wants to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day to all their bloggy friends.! We loves ya! Hope you get some sweet treats. ”


This is Pinkywinkytinky


A Valentine from Kathryn at 4urpets



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  1. infinitygoods Says:

    Happy St. Valentine’s Day to one of my very favorite bloggy friends!
    Love you, your doggies and your blog.

    Well, thank you for the compliment. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. You are also one of my faves. Back atcha with the XXX’s and OO0’s!


  2. Rusty Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day to all lf you! Your pictures are so cute, you look very festive. Wishing you lots of cuddles and snuggles and kisses on your heads! And maybe some sweet treets but no chocolate.


    We love U 2!

    Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky XXX’s & OOO’s

  3. Erin Craig Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Give the pooches kisses from us! I love the man hugging the computer, I feel like that all the time!

  4. You sure have some cute puppies.

  5. Gina Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy. Thanks for being such a great blog buddy.


    Sissy, Jonesy, Tinky and I want to wish you, Cliff and of course Tuffy a Happy Valentines Day.

    Here are kisses from the dogs…slurp…slurp..slurp.

    Here are kisses from me XXXXXX

  6. Erin Craig Says:

    I was wondering if you got your box yet? It would be great if you got it in time for V-day!

    I just got it today! It was the best Valentines Day I have ever had. I am going to do a story on it this weekend. My doggy bloggy friends will go crazy! Look for my post on Monday.


  7. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    Love it.. the Pups look Awesome!
    XOXO from Sophie and Sully!!! (and me too!)

    XXX’s and OOO’x from Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy!

  8. goodbear Says:

    happiest of valentines days!!

    Lots of licks to you too and XX’s and OO’s.

    Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky

  9. Oh m God, I love your blog!

    Your chihuahuas are A-DO-RA-BLE!!!

    So, do you have a French pug as well, like Patty Hearst?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, but those are not my dogs. I can’t take cute pictures of them like that. Although I do think my dogs are cute. I only have three Chihuahuas names Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky. If you want to see all three of them when they were puppies, go see my blog, “PUPPY PAGEANT”.


  10. awww sorry we are late, but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

    Weeny and Daisy,

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