This is a typical California Dog. Because of our wonderful sunshire, most dogs wear “shades” to protect their eyes when they go outside.

Here are pictures of Jonesy and Tinky in their shades. Sissy won’t wear them. She thinks they make her look too pretentious. Don’t you think they look “Hollywoodish”? I don’t think this has gone to their head. Do you?


Ā Jonesy (I never said I was a photographer)…No he doesn’t look like a pimp!


This is Tinky…..”Hellooooo Dahling.”

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  1. behr rake Says:

    Oh dear! I didn’t know I was supposed to be wearing sunglasses! I’m going to have to get mom to take me shopping for some as soon as she can. šŸ™‚

    I can’t believe your dogs let you dress them up and then hold still for a photo shoot. If I were to do that to Behr Behr, she’d have the stuff off and chewed to shreds before I pushed the button on the camera!
    Needless to say, your doggy models are great. Maybe you should get them in dog magazines.

    So you are a California Doggy too? Where in California? We live in beautiful Simi Valley, California well known for our Ronald Reagan Library and the Rodney King Trial. hahha

    They hold still because I am bigger than they are. They also call me Mama Alpha Dog! šŸ™‚


  2. Anna Surface Says:

    That is so cute!!!!! I don’t believe our dogs would wear shades… much less hold still for a picture. I do love dressing up our CrestiPoo, Sassy, in wild sweaters. I need to paint her toenails.

    I love Tinky’s little head scarf with a bow. šŸ™‚

    I wish I had your camera to take those pictures. I guess one of these days when I save up enough I will get a good camera. It makes all the difference in the world. But, I think everyone got the idea.

    I had to hold their head. They were not happy campers.

    Why don’t you post your dogs in their little outfits?


  3. Gina Says:

    Heehee. They look so cute. Tinky looks like Greta Garbo in that turban. Thank you for my laugh for the day. By the way, they posed great for you!

    I had to hold their head because they wanted to look down. They were not too happy. Do you see a smile on their face? No.


  4. thegirl Says:

    I LOVE Tinky’s headband! hehe

  5. Erin Craig Says:

    They are so cute. I do have to say that Jonesy DOES look like a pimp in those shades! haha
    Here in Kentucky our dogs look like little horses. Or at least Chloe does. Forget the shades and gallop around the yard.

    I can see why Chloe looks like a little horse. She’s as big as one. hehe


  6. Rusty Says:

    So cute! I’d like an pawtograph please!

  7. Mercedes Says:

    Precious! I know Patch won’t wear sunglasses! He doesn’t like anything to be put on or around his head! Grouch! LOL!

    p.s. Patch goes to the New Doc in the morning for the biopsy~fingers crossed!

  8. Very nice dahhhling! They suit you!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

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