Hey everyone, Rusty thinks I have a Funky Blog ‘cuz he said my blog was fun. Woohoo! Rusty, you gave the Funky Blog  just about everyone I know (looks like we travel in the same circles)! Let me look on my blogroll to see if you missed anyone. Okay, here’s a few…and I really love their blogs….I think I will give this Funky Blog to….drum roll…..

Cara at Deep Fried Apple Pies….not really…I will give the Funky Blog to Cara’s Eskies  Sophie and Sully who let their mom give me their recipe for Super Simple Chunky Peanut Dog Treats; and

Erin Craig……not really Erin Craig, but to Chloe her beautiful Weimie who just turned one and looks really cute in a birthday hat with balloons in the background. She really knows how to party!

I’ll Funky Blog to that!

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4 Comments on “FUNKY…FUNKY…FUNKEE!”

  1. Erin Craig Says:

    Chloe says thanks for the award! She would give you lots of kisses for this!

  2. Gina Says:

    Congrats, Tuffy got one too!

    I know. Rusty gave all of them to everyone! He’s such a sharing little dog.


  3. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    Sophie and Sully say thanks for the award~ Especially Sophie- she says.. “You love me, you really love me!!” Sully says.. “huh???”
    I hope that your “peeps” enjoyed the treats! I have to make some more.. they go faster than the people cookies around my house!

    My dogs looooved them. I made the “cookies” really small. I made the mistake of giving them a whole cookie. I thought Jonesy was going to choke. I don’t think he even chewed it. I had to pull it out of his mouth and break it up into pieces. I took a picture of my “first batch” and I am going to write a post about it and mention you in my post.

    I really really appreciated that recipe.

  4. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    oops.. pressed submit too quickly..
    I’m still working on that tag! It’s been H*LL around here the past few days!

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