It was an exciting Super Bowl Sunday for millions of football fans all over America. It was a major upset as the Giants, who werent supposed to show up, was the “underdog” (excuse my pun) by approximately 17 points. 

While all you Patriot fans were tearing your hair out, we were enjoying Puppy Bowl IV. Yes, it was Super Puppy Bowl Sunday at my house. Puppy Bowl IV was played at Animal Planet Stadium. There was a Pedigree Starting Line-up and play by play was narrated by NFL Sportscaster Harry Kalas. Camera Angles include “Bowl Cam” which is a camera at the bottom of a glass water bowl. When the puppies drink from the bowl, you get to see all the “action”.

There were Puppy Penalties for “Holding” and “Illegal Blocking of Water Bowl”.  One puppy had pooped on the field. The referee stopped the play, threw down the yellow flag, picked up the poop with a little plastic bag and announced, “Illegal Dumping”.  At halftime there was a Halftime Kitty Show, which Jonesy, Tinky and Sissy really enjoyed.

Some of these puppies look like some of my bloggy friends when they were  puppies.  Did anyone else but me watch Puppy Bowl IV, or are you bald from watching the Giants win? 

Here is a short clip of the Puppy Bowl IV MVP.

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  1. Mercedes Says:

    After the Super Bowl~we watched the Puppy Bowl! It was awesome! We watched it forever! Loved it!

    I’ve tagged you! Check my blog for details!


  2. jamesviscosi Says:

    I’ve watched my share of Puppy Bowls, but I’ve never seen a Super Bowl. So now you know my priorities. 😉

    All I have to say is, “You’ve got your priorities right.”


  3. behr rake Says:

    That was soooo cute! I didn’t even know such a thing existed (oops!) We’ll have to watch that next year for sure.

    If there are any puppy bowls around my house, I’m gonna do all the guarding! I do tackle mom and dad for food and snacks, tho.

    lil running Behr 🙂

  4. Gina Says:

    I forgot about it. I’ve watched it before and it is so cute. I love Animal Planet.

  5. Erin Craig Says:

    I had no idea what it was but came across it Sunday night. We watched it during commercials. Chloe would sleep through the Super Bowl then wake up and watch the Puppy Bowl. She loved it so we had to keep turning it back for her!

    Chloe knows what’s good entertainment!


  6. We love Puppy Bowl at our house! This year was particularly spunky.

  7. jackieharvey Says:

    I have the farmer’s five so I can’t watch the Puppy Bowl. I still loved the clip of it.

  8. sansoucy Says:

    That is SO darned cute!! I have never seen or heard of that before!!!!

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