Super Squirrel and General Squirrel     

A lot has been happening in my back yard this last week. Super Squirrel and General Squirrel have set up headquarters and were secretly conspiring to march over to Rusty’s and take down his sign that says, “No Squirrels Allowed”.  My three Chihuahuas and I got into a huddle to try to figure out how to get these squirrels to give up and wave the white flag. Tinky my mean Chihuahua  says, “Let me at ’em. I will give them a shiner.”

Jonesy changed into his Ninja outfit and proceeded to go out in the back yard and face those squirrels…one on one. Eeeeeeyaaa….Bam…a chop in their knees.  Eeeeeya….Bam…a chop to their necks. Whock whock whock. And then….thud….thud.

Ninja Jonesy 
Those pesky squirrels have been defeated by Ninja Jonesy. They ran out of the yard never to return. And once again…Jonesy has saved the day!
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  1. Rusty Says:

    Wow! Ninja Jonesy, you did all that and with a shiner too! Thanks for giving those squirrels what for! I am proud to be your friend! Now if they come over here I’ll tell them that Jonesy will be over if they don’t leave!

    4urpets says: Yes, Rusty. Jonesy still had his shiner. I think you can do a good job with the squirrels, but if Super Squirrel and General Squuirrel show up, just let him know…..he will loan you his Ninja suit. Ha!

  2. behr rake Says:

    Ninja Jonesy, you rock!!! All I know how to do so far is bite 🙂 I’ll have to take some lessons from you. Can you imagine a ninja dane??? I could take a human down!

    I love reading you site. Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll? I just learned how to form a blogroll today. I’m still kinda new at everything, ya know. Being only 13 weeks old, everything is new.

    lil Behr Behr 🙂

    4urpets says: It is always an honor for someone to add you to their blogroll. I will add you also.

  3. behr rake Says:

    that’s YOUR site, sorry. I need to learn to spell too.
    Behr 🙂

  4. Erin Craig Says:

    I love your sound effects!

  5. Gina Says:

    You go Jonesy!! You are great. I feel safer already.

  6. wrjones Says:

    I love that squirrel. Out of pure fear I’m not going to hunt them anymore.

  7. sansoucy Says:

    Hehe, your a cool little chi Jonsey! Okay, note to owner, Jonsey really reminds me of this “cat” posing as a chihuahua, lol, that is part of a series of books that my kids love! The particular book is called Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse You’d get a kick out of these, I know I did!

  8. lizlangley Says:

    oh my god, I have to tell my cousin buster about your outfit! he is going to love it!!

  9. Moppet wants to thank Jonesy for his brave attack on the squirrels. Moppet would have helped out but by the time he could have got there it would have been nap time. Now if you need any adivice on nap taking, Moppet can help. Moppet is a professional nap taker.

    4urpets says: Yeah, I know what you mean. Jonesy performed the “Squirrel Raid” between naps.

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  11. TheAgedCat Says:

    Jonesy, dude, I’ve got some bad news for you (and Rusty).

  12. […] out Rusty’s Sign while at the same time watching out for Ninja Jonesy, the squirrel fills a Kong with cut cookies and pushes it over the fence. Tinky goes for the Kong […]

  13. […] Squirrels invaded our yard and were plotting to go to another doggy bloggers by the name of Rusty and take down his “No Squirrels Allowed Sign”. See how Jonesy saved the day! […]

  14. GALORE Says:


  15. Mike Says:

    Where can I get a nija suit like hat for my chihuahua?

  16. Mike Says:

    Whoops, my bad…I mean ninja suit.

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