From left to right: Tinky and Jonesy

On weekends if the weather is nice, I open the sliding door to let the dogs out. They are really excited and bark at anything that moves, anything they think is moving, they chase each other around, play in the plants and bask in the sun. Usually within 10 or 15 minutes they take a break and they are either laying among the plants or sprawled on the lawn taking in the nice California rays. All except Jonesy!

After the barking has become boring, and everyone has peed on everything, Jonesy comes up to the door and stands guard. I think he wants to make sure that I don’t close the door on him. He will stay by that door until I call them in.  I don’t know why he won’t just come back in. No one is forcing him to go outside, it is strictly optional. Tinky is with him, but this is a rare occasion.

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9 Comments on “BASKING IN THE SUN”

  1. Rusty Says:

    That J.O.B. for Tinky looks like fun, kinda. For awhile til the vet bills are paid anyway. That was such a cute video. I’m glad you guys got to go out today and have a nice romp in the sun!

  2. sansoucy Says:

    Jonsey sounds like he would make a good buddy for my GSD Leita, who is a door dog too. 🙂 She loves to stay as close to our family as possible. Tinky & Jonsey are both precious, you are blessed!

  3. Checkers Says:

    Us dogs do things for our own reasons, which may seem mystical to our owners. I am sure Jonesy is doing something very important by standing by the door, like preserving the space-time continuum for all of mankind!

  4. theypswife Says:

    🙂 thanks for the props, I could write a million stories about my dogs and the silly things they do! …And the naughty things.
    Your babies are very cute!

    4urpets says: I loved your story about your “evil yarn munchers”. You write very well.

  5. Gina Says:

    They are so adorable!! Cute story. Jonesy is so cute with that “too big” collar. He is my favorite.

    4urpets says: You noticed that his collar is too big for him? Did you see his license tag? He really is a little guy. He weighed in at a whopping 6.2 pounds at the vets when I took him for his “shiner”.

  6. Erin Craig Says:

    You are just too sweet! Thanks for the comment! Oh and send me some of that sunshine!

  7. TheAgedCat Says:

    Sounds like the old “now I’m in. now I’m out. I’m in I’m out in out in out” game. Oh how the Aged loves it too!

  8. scoutdog Says:

    thanks for visiting me! I would like to play in your warm California yard. It is 1 degree where I live right now, so it is COLD

  9. halliesue Says:

    I have California roots – Hallie is a “valley – girl.” I have never been outside without my leash and as for basking in the sun, it’s so cold here, I have to do it through the window. -Miles

    4urpets says: I am a Valley Girl too but moved out about 8 years ago. Jonesy is a Valley Boy. Nice to see we have something in common!

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