As you all know, Tinky and Jonesy got into it earlier this week and Jonesy got a shiner. The vet bill was expensive and I told Tinky that she was going to have to get a job to pay me back.

I was checking on Canine Craig’s List to see what possible jobs are out there for a mean little Chihuahua. I saw an ad that looks like a perfect job for Tinky. “Wanted… Little Dogs to Clean Computer Screens.  Great benefits and all the water you can drink. Send your resume to Pugsy.”

Guess I’ll send in Tinky’s Resume…

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5 Comments on “A J.O.B. FOR TINKY!”

  1. Mercedes Says:

    I love it! Tinky can take her aggressions out on the computer screen! Poor Jonesy 😦


  2. Aww its a puggy! Tink would also look adorable doing that job! We’re sorry you had a lousy weekend, hopefully the week will be better!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  3. Gina Says:

    This is a good job for Tinky. Tuffy already tries to do this to the front door so he would be good at it too.

    4urpets says: Let’s put them to work. We need the money!

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  5. […] said I need to get a job because of all of my vet visits. She got this dumb idea by reading about Jonesy and Tinky, and their mom trying to get them a job. Thanks guys. I […]

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