general-squirrel.jpgGeneral Squirrel unexpectedly emerged in my back yard this morning. I immediatly went into action, and at zero eight hundred hours I went incognito and hid under a bush by the side of the house with binoculars in hand. Gotta find out what that pesky squirrel is up to.

After a few minutes of spying, I exposed that annoying squirrel in a covert meeting with Super Squirrel !

I just received word from the DIA (Doggy Intelligence Agency) that General Squirrel has learned that my doggy blogger friend  Rusty has a sign at his house saying, “No Squirrels Allowed.” Word has it that Super Squirrel has abandoned “Operation Jonesy” and is not going after Jonesy for digging up his peanuts. According to my sources, General Squirrel and Super Squirrel are  mapping out Rusty’s place right now and are going into “Operation Sign Removal”. 

I just wanted to warn all my doggy blogger friends out there to be on the lookout for General Squirrel and his army.  Please warn Rusty if you see them!

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9 Comments on “PHOTO OF THE WEEK #2”

  1. Rusty Says:

    Thank you for the warning! I am putting out an all points bulletin over at my place for help in this matter!

  2. Gina Says:

    Thanks for the warning.

  3. sansoucy Says:

    OMGosh!!! Is that ever the most adorable warning I’ve ever seen! Look out Rusty!

  4. Angeline Says:

    Hi there…

    Thanks for the warning. Those pesky squirrels have messed with my garden for too long!

    Rusty, sniff them out!


  5. lizlangley Says:

    I will definitely be on the alert. I hate those pesky squirrels!!

  6. Preston Says:

    “Oh my,” explains Moppet.

    Moppet realizes he can gather forces to outwit Super Squirrel, unless Super Squirrel comes during nap time.

  7. 2tc4arts Says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Thanks for the warning with the squirrels. 😉
    I love the picture in your post today!

    My poor dog, a 3 lb. Chihuahua who just turned 1 yr. old, thinks that the squirrels around here are other dogs like her!! She wants to play with them! =O

  8. behr rake Says:

    That is the BEST photo!!!! Got to watch out for those tricky little squirrels there Jonesy!


  9. Kris J Says:

    Thats an amazing squirrel photo!

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