This is Jonesy Modeling His New Sweater

It’s been a little nippy this past week and the Santa Ana Winds have been kicking up. Jonesy has a hard time when it’s cold because he doesn’t have much fur. Even though he is a deer type Chihuahua, I think he may have a little Mexican Hairless in him too. When it gets cold I can always find him burrowed under the covers. I swear, I don’t know how that dog breathes.

I bought him a sweater. It was the smallest sweater I could find. Here you see him modeling a sweater from the  “Baby Phat Dog” collection.  I think he looks really spiffy even though the sweater is a little large for him. Even his dog tags are bigger than he is.

I think he has a good chance of becoming America’s Next Top Dog Model. I just have to find Tyra’s phone number.

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12 Comments on “CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN”

  1. goodbear Says:

    looking good jonesy!

  2. Rusty Says:

    that sweater looks good on you Jonsey!
    Rusty’s Mom: I love that picture, the way he is posed is tooooo cute! I went to see that video you left on snowboy Checker’s blog and that is one of the funniest things I’ve seen!

    Jonesy’s Mom: If I knew how to upload YouTube, I would steal that video and put it on my own blog. That dog is unbelievable.

  3. morningglory123 Says:

    How cute! I was sat for my niece’s chichi. She didn’t tell me that it would crawl into the pillow case to sleep and I nearly killed it when making the bed! The best place to see lots of photos of my furbabies is my aim page.

  4. Mimi Says:

    Jonesy, that’s some sweater! Very chic!

  5. lizlangley Says:

    Jonesy you look HOTT in that sweater. Have you ever been to Fifi & Romeo in LA? It is run by 2 chihuahuas. I went there once, but nothing fit me due to my (ahem) “unique” figure. Besides everything was super expensive and all those fur collars just made me look like a p-i-m-p, and not in a good way either.

    4urpets says: Is that the place where Paris took Tinkerbell? No, I don’t go to those fancy places. My mom’s a WalMart Shopper. 🙂

  6. infinitygoods Says:

    Very handsome fellow and what a great photo capture.

  7. Gina Says:

    Jonesy, You look so cute and I bet you feel much warmer. I freeze like you do but I won’t let my Mom put a sweater on me. I nip at her a little and that keeps her away. Don’t tell my Mom I told this or she’d be embarrassed.
    Your pal, Tuffy

  8. dogsrulecatsdrool Says:

    Hi 4urpets,
    Wow! how do you get so many comments? I get lots of hits, but not a lot of comments, Thanks for yours. Did you see my message I left about accepting the blogger award, it was back on the post about you passing it over to the doggie world. Check it out and then maybe I can figure out this backlink stuff.

    Hi Becky,

    I will send you an email on how to put it on your side bar.

    Kathryn (4urpets)

  9. Adorable sweater on an adorable dog!


  10. Mercedes Says:

    Love it! “Baby Phat Dog” Collection-too cool!
    My post on Dog Peeves didn’t include a cartoon dog, so I just searched around for a pic. The green is pretty cool. Patch has a hard time finding things to go with spots-lol.


  11. bugsy01 Says:

    looking cool Jonesy!

  12. Very beautiful Jonsey!

    I wish Sparky would wear a sweater. He just freezes up and refuses to move when he has one on. Kansas winters are cold and he needs one sometimes!

    4urpets says: Jonesy stiffens up. I was just lucky with that shot. I bought him really cute pj’s ‘cuz he gets cold, but he kept falling out of the legs.

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