Super Squirrel has been hanging out in my back yard lately. I think he is  just waiting to take on Jonesy for digging up his peanuts.  

I thought I would post this picture for all you squirrel lovin’ dogs, and you know who you are! What would you do if you saw Super Squirrel in your back yard?

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9 Comments on “PHOTO OF THE WEEK #1”

  1. Rusty Says:

    If I saw this so called Super Squirrel in the back yard I would really tell him off and make him run from me and get out of my yard. This picture of this pretender just boils my blood! Thanks for the heads up on this new menace 4urpets!!

  2. Ha! You go, super squirrel!

    Outside of our office we have Professor Nibbles the squirrel. Why “professor”? Because he has a PhD in Nutty Deliciousness!

    4urpets says: Yeah, I’ll bet Sparky would think the “Professor” was nutty and delicious! 🙂

  3. Gina Says:

    I love to chase little creatures in my backyard but I might be afraid of this squirrel!

  4. Not sure how the Super Squirrel would do around my ol’ farm house. He just may meet Mighty Mouse. Then again the two of them could make a super pair of fighting heros. But who would they fight….?

    4urpets says: Probably each other. Hahaha

  5. myrenovations Says:

    We have a Super Squirrel in our backyard. It gets as close as possible to my dog Rummy, who is on a chain, and taunts her for hours on end. I wonder how Super it will be once I get the yard fanced…

    4urpets says: You think fencing the yard is going to keep out a squirrel? My yard is compltely fenced and I have squirrels AND rabbits!

  6. Joy Says:

    Hi there! Love the super squirrel.

  7. […] After a few minutes of spying, I exposed that annoying squirrel in a covert meeting with Super Squirrel ! […]

  8. charleighmims Says:

    OMG!! that photo is too funny!
    thanks for stopping by my blog – to answer your Q, our puppies are kelpies (an aussie breed there’s more info about them here: my DH says they often look like chihuahuas in photos cause you have to stand & shoot down (or get jumped on & licked!)
    have a great day!

  9. TheAgedCat Says:

    Hey, if the squirrel’s the superhero, wouldn’t that make the dogs the super villains? — Say it ain’t so!

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