It’s another slow news day around here. Sometimes I start a blog, then I get bored of it and save it to work on another day. Since I haven’t started a new blog, I thought I would  let you know a few obscure and weird things about my my three Chihuahuas, Jonesy, Sissy, and Tinky:

 1. I have been lying to Sissy all these years. She thinks she is a Chihuahua.

2. Jonesy belongs to the “Save Our Carpet Union“.

3. Jonesy looks like my father.

4. I am getting my dogs jobs.

5. I think Jonesy and Tinky are secretly married.

6. Even though Jonesy is a Mexican Chihuahua, he is a Rabbi (he was adopted).

7.  I dress my dogs up for Halloween.

Now I just know that made your day. It did mine! 🙂

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  1. scoutdog Says:

    I loved it. What? I dressed up this Halloween. my costume didn’t fit, though. thanks for visiting me. my mom has been busy lately. we’re going to learn more wordpress soon.

    Scout Dog,

    Me too! I just learned how to put an image on my sidebar. Thanks to a bloggy friend of mine.

  2. lizlangley Says:

    hi, thanks for visiting me! chihuahuas are cuties. henri has 4 chihuahua cousins! and we dress him up at halloween too. it’s nothing to be ashamed of! really.

  3. Rusty Says:

    Hi! I liked reading about your weirdness, guys! Mom wanted to dress me up too, but she didn’t look for a costume in time! I think she is a little lazy.

  4. goodbear Says:

    does your father know he looks like jonesy???

  5. Gina Says:

    I see you got your award in your sidebar!! I still haven’t had any luck but I was not on the computer much at all today. I wish Tuffy would let me dress him up–he acts like he is going to bite me. I’m about 20x bigger than him–go figure.


    James’ instructions were really easy. Since I didn’t want all that text, I didn’t need all of his instructions (I just wanted the image).

    Don’t use the HTML Code for your own image. It won’t work. Take it exactly as he has it for his own.

    If I can do it, you can do it! Don’t get frustrated….Good luck.

  6. jamesviscosi Says:

    Hey, Gina, I have instructions for putting it in the sidebar on my … er, Dennis’s … blog.

  7. Checkers Says:

    I saw the video of the snow dog! That was amazing! Of course if I were in that snow, I would be tunneling instead of bounding. I wonder if that would make me a cardigan welsh corgi snow mole…?


    Yes you would be a Welsh Corgi Snow Mole!

  8. Checkers Says:

    How do dogs get secretly married? Do they sneak off to Vegas?


    I have proof that they snuck a rabbi in when I was at work. Jonesy is a Jewish Chihuahua (he was adopted).

  9. deepfriedapplepies Says:

    How fun!!! Sully’s adopted too.. and Sophie tells him so every day! She, of course, is not a dog and was born just like my other kids. They are hilarious.. they ONLY like other Eskie’s.. and my Mom’s Shi Tzu thinks he’s an Eskimo! So, we’ve named him Gizmo the Shitzkimo! He doesn’t know that he isn’t one of them. He even approaches other Eskies at the park and they just ignore him.. poor guy!

    4urpets says: Shitzkimo! I loooove that name.

  10. wiseadvice Says:

    My dog can only dream of doing some of the oddball stuff most dogs do every day. She’s a happy girl, even though her life is about work. When I get the harness out, it’s magic time for Opal. As we work down the street together, her guiding, me issuing commands, both of us are at the top of our game. Some dogs’ biggest challenge during their day, is to scratch themselves or chase something. Opal, on the other hand, gets to do neat stuff, like Intelligent Disobedience. This is when I give a command that puts me in danger, and she refuses ….example: I tell her “forward” at a crossing, and a car that I cannot hear is barreling down, she steps in front of my body and stays put until I figure out what is going on. Of course, she does less heroic, but equally important tasks in her job as a guide dog. She can “find a seat” (on a bus), “find the escalator up”, “find the counter” etc. And all this for two square meals and some love! How rich my life has become! Anyone intersested in a bit more on my life with a great guide dog can check my blog…wiseadvice…cheers!

    4urpets says: That’s because you have a “Hero” for a dog, and she is a very happy dog, having a job that is valuable. I am sure she gets all the love and treats she needs. Good for her!

  11. bugsy01 Says:

    How old do you have to be to get married in the dog world?

    There is a girl dog across the road from me, I wonder if I am old enough to propose?

    4urpets says: Bugsy, she is old enogh to propose to when she is old enough to have puppies, but maybe 6 months is a little too young. I would say 1 year old is a good age for her to get married. Go ahead and propose. Name the first one after me. My name is Kathryn. 🙂

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