Woo hoo. Lookie what Chasing Squirrels With Rusty, all the way from Texas and who’s job it is to keep the back yard a squirrel free zone hath bestowed upon little ol’ me! I have been honored with the  “BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD AWARD“! This is close to a religious experience for me.

Since this is my very first award, I am going to shine it up, put it in it’s special glass case and try to put it right over there.  I say “try” to put it right over there because I have to learn how to do it first! →

I humbly accept this award and I want to thank my three Chihuahuas Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky and all of my bloggie friends. Without their support, none of this would be possible (clap clap clap). 

I will now pass the BLOGGERS OF THE WORLD AWARD to the following recipients:

If you humbly accept this award, pass it on to your bloggie friends with a link back to them and ME. Please also link back to Colin as the original point of reference for this award.

I’m sorry, but my time is up. (clap clap clap)

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5 Comments on “LOOKIE WHAT I GOT!”

  1. Gina Says:

    Congrats! I can’t figure out how to put mine over there > either! HA

  2. jamesviscosi Says:

    Oh, my comment got cut off! Well, I’ll add an entry to Dennis’s diary and explain how to do it there …

  3. […] Of The World 2007-2008 Thanks to 4urpets for kindly thinking of Dennis with this medallion, courtesy of […]

  4. dogsrulecatsdrool Says:

    BOL! Oh Yes! it’s like getting a bone, we the animals at dogs rule cats drool gladly accept this award, but we don’t know nothin about link backs unless there sausage links and then were not giving them back to anybody, we’ll eat them all ourselves. Can you explain all this to our human mom, please?

  5. Colin Says:

    Many congratulations on your first award 🙂
    I was just checking stats on Technorati and this one showed up and it’s always nice to follow up and see where the award has landed 😀

    Looks good on your sidebar too.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

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