All three of my Chihuahuas were lazing around on the couch with me. We were having our quiet time and I was watching TV. Sissy was on my lap, Jonesy was on the pillow next to my arm, and Tinky was right beside him. Everything was peaceful. 

I looked down and saw Tinky, slowly, calmly and, methodically licking Jonesy’s head.  Lick….lick….lick….lick. Jonesy’s head was on the pillow, his eyes were closed and he had that look of euphoria on his little face.  I thought to myself, “These two really love each other. ”

Sometimes Tinky is really mean to Jonesy. Without warning, her and Jonesy will exchange blows. Their teeth will show and they will ghash and gnarl at each other. They look like they have the intent to “kill”. I have to break it up or one of them will wind up at the vet’s.  Tinky always initiates the brawls. 

I thought about their strange behavior with her being so sweet and grooming him one moment, and then the next moment they are going to blows.  I came to the conclusion that they looked and acted like an old married couple. OH MY GOSH….DID THEY SECRETLY GET MARRIED?

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8 Comments on “I THEE WED”

  1. hipposkin Says:

    too cute!
    I’m adopting a chihuahua/terrier mix. are they easy to train?



    I do know that they are smart. I think if they are motivated by food, you can teach them anything! 🙂

  2. dailywalrus Says:

    Thanks for the comment on dailywalrus. I Love your dogs, very cute! But, next time invite us to the wedding!

  3. Rusty Says:

    This was too cute. That picture was perfect! It is so funny the way dogs get along. It sounds as if you had a nice calm evening of tv watching!

  4. That picture is adorable!
    I know what you mean, one minute they are all cuddly and nice to each other, the next they are arguing about a place to lay or whatever.
    One of my greyhounds wants to be alpha and is constantly trying to get the spot that one or the other dogs is sleeping in. Needless to say, when no one is home, is is separated from the others by the ex-pen. All for our piece of mind and their safety.

  5. jackieharvey Says:

    I completely get what you mean. I have cats that do the exact same thing that your dogs do. Except that my cats are all males. Oh well I still love them all.

  6. Mercedes Says:

    You are too funny! Ahhhh what our children, I mean pets do for us and vice versa!


  7. Lissa Says:

    My cats do the same thing. They are brother and sister. One minute they will be all cuddled up with each other, the next, I’m taking Mister Bits to the vet to get stitches.

  8. […] Jeesh, I hope neither one of them cries domestic abuse and they don’t want a divorce over […]

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