Ever since I had hardwood floors installed, Jonesy has the hardest time walking on them. He cries when he tries to get off the couch, he walks really funny when he goes down the hall, and trying to get back up on the couch is really comical. When he starts down the hallway, he stands still and moves his head up and down as if he were counting down. Three…..Two…..One! And he’s off and running…feet flying everywhere. If he was somewhat of a normal dog, he would act like Sissy and Tinky….they walk. 

I can just hear Jonesy now,  “I hate this floor! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! That’s it! I’m never getting down from the couch. Ever! Mom is just going to have to come over here and pick me up if she wants me off the couch. Nope, I am not leaving. Gonna have to set up a tent right here on the couch. Gotta put a wee wee pad on the couch too. My bowl will fit nicely in the corner. Thank you very much.  

Okay, it’s playtime! Hey Mom, I’m over here…on the couch. Bring me the squeaky! Okay, mom? 

Why is Sissy and Tinky going outside? I want to go outside too. Why aren’t you coming to get me?

I want a cookie too! Don’t give all the cookies to Tinky and Sissy. Can’t you hear me barking over here? ”

This is daily life around my house. You would think that he would have figured it out by now and accepted the wood flooring. Nope, not Jonesy.

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  1. Rusty Says:

    Bless his heart! He’ll get the hang of it. Especially if cookies don’t find their way to the couch!

    You should have seen Rusty at First Monday whenever we had to walk over metal grating. He took a running leap, ran a few steps then stood frozen. I had to pick him up and carry him over it and any others from then on. It was something new. If we were to do it more he would get the hang of it.

  2. Asthmagirl Says:

    Maddie is almost 2 and still will not walk on the hardwood. Sometimes they just can’t!

  3. Lissa Says:

    Hahaha! He’ll get it eventually. We’re putting ceramic tile in our kitchen, I hate to see what Mister Bits will do when it goes in. He’s used to tearing around the corner and now he’ll be skidding around it!!

  4. […] 2. Jonesy belongs to the “Save Our Carpet Union“. […]

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