Well, the New Year came in with a dull thud. I spent New Years in bed with a little touch of the flue virus. I haven’t posted anything on my blog lately, and my brain is still fried, so I can’t think of much to post.

Thank goodness Gina tagged me, or I wouldn’t have anything to post today. I am supposed to share 7 random or weird facts about myself on my blog. Since my blog is not about me (I am very boring), I will share 7 facts about my dogs, Jonesy, Sissy and Tinky.

  1. I do not take my dogs to the vet to get their teeth cleaned. I do not want them put under. I take them to Canine Care, Inc. and they clean their teeth without anesthesia. Their teeth are so clean, that I have to put on sunglasses so the bling won’t hurt my eyes.
  2. All my dogs are spayed and neutered and have microchips implanted in them. I am afraid to take them through security because they might “beep”.
  3. When my dogs were puppies, I bought wee wee pads to potty train them. Now I need to train them off the wee wee pads (do they have anti-wee wee pads?)
  4. Sissy thinks she is a full blooded Chihuahua, but I think there was another doggy in the woodpile somewhere.
  5. In order to get Jonesy to eat his kibble in a reasonable amount of time, I have to put his bowl of kibble on the couch. If I put the bowl on the floor, he would take 1 piece of kibble in his mouth, run up on the couch, eat the kibble, run back down to the floor and get one more piece of kibble….on and on. What a neurotic dog.
  6. Tinky is mean to Jonesy. They seem to get into it a lot, especially if she is sleeping and Jonesy gets near her, or if she is on my lap and Jonesy gets too close.
  7. Jonesy hates to go bye bye. As soon as he sees his leash, he runs to the couch and cowers. As soon as he’s outside, he is perfectly fine.

Now I am going to tag a few of my friends. It would be nice if you participate, but not mandatory. Please don’t hate me.

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11 Comments on “7 THINGS ABOUT MY DOGS”

  1. Gina Says:

    Mandy is sometimes mean to Tuffy. He learned to avoid her to keep from being nipped. They are sometimes good buddies. I wish we had a place like that to clean our doggies’ breath.

  2. infinitygoods Says:

    Thank you for tagging me. It will be a pleasure to play along with you and your readers. Your blog is so funny. I love your sense of humor. And I find out interesting facts about dogs too!

  3. jamesviscosi Says:

    hello 4urpets its dennis the vizsla dog i didnt no what “blog tag” was but dada googld it and fownd owt and i will be happy to play becuz im still a puppy and playing is what puppiez do when their not wrecking the howse that is ok bye

  4. dogsrulecatsdrool Says:

    Thanks for the tag. check back in a few days to see what the animals have to say. they love their fans and want you to visit and bring all your friends. Thanks for the add on your site.

  5. adagiago Says:

    hi 4urpets!

    i like your flickr photos. can you tell me how you get those particular ones? i have flickr photos at my blog, but they are a random selection. i don’t think i have the time to put up my own photos yet. but maybe if i could select some, as you appear to have, i could do that on one of my other websites.

    i like the flickr bar i’ve got on my ‘adagiago’blog, but i don’t like repeating myself, so would prefer to find either some different pictures, OR a new way to do pictures, on one of my new sites. are you able to advise me? (please!) 🙂


    Since I am not tech savvy, I had a friend set up my blog. I will try to get your answer for you. Stay tuned…….

  6. I didn’t know it is possible to have our dogs teeth cleaned without ‘putting them under’. that would be so much better in more than one way – and especially for our oldest greyhound, Onyx, who needs dental work done but also has had some medical issues and it makes me nervous to have him put under for anything.
    How do they do it this way?


    Well, first of all we live in California and we do things differently around here. They clean their teeth with a solution that softens the plaque, they scrape off the plaque, polish the teeth and voila! They do not use electrical equipment to clean the teeth. In order to keep the dog calm, they clean in increments where they let the dog rest for awhile. They will also pull their teeth if the teeth are “dead” (whatever that means). When I pick up my dogs, they are not traumatized and have the cleanest teeth and freshest breath you could ever imagine.

  7. puppymom Says:

    What a great post! I love learning new things about you and your dogs.

  8. […] by jamesviscosi on January 3, 2008 hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog i got taggd by my frends at 4urpets so that meens im supposed to tell yoo seven fakts yoo dont know abowt me so […]

  9. infinitygoods Says:

    Hello again, 4URPets! OK, my tag post is up, I’ve tagged others and let them know too! Come by and see. I posted about my pets and found others who posted about their pets too. 🙂

  10. pornstar88 Says:

    awww… i’ll do this asap.

    i added you on my blogroll. 🙂

  11. thanks for commenting on my post on giving pills to dogs. I’m glad for you and your dog you have a place that doesn’t use anesthesia for dental control. That’s one of the problems with kibble: it causes lots of dental placque.

    I like the theme of your blog, the dark red and white is very attractive.

    Dogs Naturally

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